Combining Two Double-Hung Windows

Project: Ranch Expansion, Episode 10, Part 1

Contractor Bob Ryley merges two existing windows to create one large double-hung window. In Miami, Bob tours the fabulous Art Deco District for a taste of the 1930s high-style hotels. On-site in Wayland, the plumber shows how to "sweat" a joint in copper plumbing.
Part 1: Combining Two Double-Hung Windows
Two recycled windows are used to create one large window. Once carpenter Bob Ryley demolishes the old frame, supports are installed to hold up the new combined window. When the two windows are put together, it's called a mullioned window.
Part 2: Touring Art Deco Architecture in Miami Beach
Part 3: Sweating a Joint in Copper Plumbing
Bob takes on the expansion of a 35 year-old ranch house in Wayland, MA. With an eye on the budget, projects include European kitchen cabinets, a state-of-the-art closet system for the master bedroom, custom built-in bookshelves, an eye-catching fan detail on the front fa├žade, and a private deck off the master bedroom.

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