Landscape Design With a New Fence

Project: Cracker Cottage, Episode 11, Part 1

Bob tours the landscaping of the Naples project house, inspects a new picket fence and the exotic plants that have been planted to add excitement in the yard. Next, Bob makes his final visit to the sister project in New York City, where new tenants have moved into the recently renovated tenement on the Lower East Side. Last, back in Naples, FL, broken tile is used to create unique-looking countertops.
Part 1: Landscape Design With a New Fence
Bob has a discussion the landscape architect, Joanne Smallwood, and new wooden fence is installed.
Part 2: Visiting the NYC Remodeling Project
Part 3: Setting Tiles
Bob Vila rejuvenates a modest but classic Florida house, focusing on light, ventilation, and outdoor living. Projects include opening walls, improving air conditioning and ventilation, blowing in some insulation, and putting in a new entry.

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