Tour of Marstons Mills, MA

Project: Cape-Style Home, Episode 1, Part 1

Bob tours the sights and sounds of Marstons Mills, MA to visit architect Gordon Clark. Bob surveys the lot, talks about "perc" testing, and observes the preliminary work for building a new Cape-style house: clearing trees and stumping, excavating and pouring the foundation.
Part 1: Tour of Marstons Mills, MA
Bob takes a tour of the sights and sounds of the town of Marstons Mills, MA.
Part 2: Clearing Trees and Stumping
Part 3: Designs and Pouring the Foundation
Bob Vila's first project for "Home Again" is a Cape Cod-style home in Marstons Mills, MA. Bob takes the viewer through all the steps of building a house from scratch: from architect’s plans and foundation digging to framing, cedar shingling, installing a heating system, and using artist’s paint techniques on the interior.

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