5 No-Kink Garden Hoses That Test True

Loads of hoses claim to be kink-free, but is there really such a thing as a no-kink garden hose? As it turns out, there is.

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  1. Putting Hoses to the Test


    Whether you are watering the lawn, filling the kiddie pool, or hosing down the car, a good garden hose is worth its weight in gold—particularly if is non-kinking. We did some of our own testing—the old-fashioned way, not scientifically—and found five hoses that totally deserve the "no-kink" label.


  2. NeverKink Commercial Duty Series 4000 by Teknor Apex


    This heavy-duty hose is manufactured of recycled materials and reinforced with self-straightening Reflex Mesh technology, making it truly anti-kink. All-weather flexible, it is intended for commercial and industrial-strength jobs, so it gets heavy at longer hose lengths. NeverKink also makes an Ultra Flexible Series 2000 hose with the same technology, which might be more appropriate for lighter-duty residential uses. Available on Amazon; $36. 

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  3. MaxFLEX by Scotts


    This flexible, kink-resistant hose is also manufactured with the environment in mind. Both the hose and couplings are lead-free and contain Agion, a silver-based compound that discourages the growth of bacteria and mold. MaxFLEX is light and maneuverable, and has a collared section near the coupling which prevents kinking at the spigot. Available on Amazon; $35.

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  4. Tuff-Guard by JGB Enterprises


    The Tuff-Guard is not only the newest, but the lightest and most flexible hose we tried. In fact, it is 35% lighter than conventional hoses and you can actually tie it in a knot without disturbing the water flow. The one drawback: The couplings spin, so removing a sprayer can be difficult—something the company is working to fix for the next iteration. In the meantime, a pair of pliers will help you out. Available on Amazon; $85.

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  5. Professional Grade by Flexon


    Another good kink-free option, the commercial-grade Flexon boasts five-ply construction and crush-proof couplings. The most distinctive thing about it, though, is the Guard-N-Grip connector, which makes it the easiest hose to attach and remove from a spigot. The connector is essentially a plastic sheath that slides over the coupling and acts like a built-in wrench. Available on Amazon; $59.

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  6. ContractorFARM by Element


    An octagonal shape and heavy-duty reinforcement give this hose a burst strength of 500+ psi. Super heavy duty, it is also one of the heavier hoses we used, so it’s not the best choice for lighter jobs that require a lot of handling. Its crush-proof, ergonomic couplings, however, are easy to manage. This lead-free hose will last for many seasons, perfect for heavy residential jobs, and agricultural or commercial work. Available on Amazon; $35.

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