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Metal backsplashes are typically of the stamped variety, but a flat sheet of galvanized metal makes a clean and modern statement in a country kitchen or mudroom potting area.

17 Backsplashes for a Unique Kitchen

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Believe it or not, a kitchen is more than appliances, cabinets and countertops. While those are the elements that serve the greatest function, there are a host of details that bring everything in the room together, like sinks, lighting, and of course, the backsplash. A kitchen backsplash does actually have a function as well— to provide an easy-to-clean surface to wipe up cooking splatters and spills. But the backsplash is a place you can be creative, and add color and unique style to your kitchen design. There’s a huge range of backsplash ideas to choose from these days— from traditional kitchen tile, to glass tile, ceramic subway tile, and even reclaimed wood or galvanized metal. Gone are the days when standard backsplash tile was your only choice. How about concrete, or laminated fabric? Check out our favorite backsplash ideas from around the web.


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