Slide 1: Green Laundry Room


The bright green walls of this spacious laundry room provide a nice contrast to the front-loading machines, and the open floor plan makes the room inviting. 

10 Laundry Rooms We Love

Most homeowners dread doing the laundry, but in these stylish, comfortable, and functional rooms, loathing might transform into love.

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  1. Brighten Up


    The bright green walls of this spacious laundry room provide a nice contrast to the front-loading machines, and the open floor plan makes the room inviting.

  2. Superior Storage


    These stylish cabinets are a classier way to store laundry goods and give the room a sophisticated, polished look.

  3. Island View


    This center island provides ample space for folding clothes after a wash, and the vivid hues give the room some life.

  4. Storage, Storage, Storage


    Storage space is abundant in this laundry room, thanks to the cabinets, baskets, and plenty of shelves.

  5. Hidden Away


    Can you spot the washer? Though this room is smaller, it makes the most of the available space; appliances are concealed in cabinets, and all laundry essentials are housed on shelves.

  6. Space Savers


    The built-in, fold-down ironing board is key here; it's functional and makes for easy storage. The sink and storage space enhance the room's appeal.

  7. Well-Groomed


    Who says your laundry room has to look like a place to wash clothes? The simple addition of furniture has made this wash area look less like a place to abolish stains and more like a livable, decorated corner of the household.

  8. Colorful Combinations


    Red appliances and shelves pop against the white walls and flooring, making this laundry space both functional and stylish.

  9. All-Purpose


    The only things laundry-ish about this room are the appliances; the built-in bench and framed photos make it feel more like a living space.

  10. Soothing Tones


    The sleek design of the shelves and neutral tones of the room combine for a serene, zen-like feel.

  11. Stacked


    Stackable appliances are wonderful space-savers. We love how these blend into the room, staying hidden behind white cabinets.

  12. The Essentials


    This laundry room has all the essentials: a sink for washing, shelves and baskets for storing, and folding space on top of the appliances. What's more, it all fits neatly into a small space.

  13. Contrast and Function


    These red front-loaders are the perfect contrast to all-grey walls. Having the sink and some folding space on an island is a plus, since it provides extra storage below.

  14. Out of Sight, Out of Mind


    If the cabinet doors were closed, you'd likely never notice this was a laundry room. Hiding these appliances behind doors lets you conceal them when you want to push thoughts of laundry away.

  15. Optimistic Features


    Yellow hues mean this room always has a sunny feel. Cabinets and shelves provide needed storage space, and we love the antique washing boards.

  16. Love Your Laundry Room


    Feeling inspired? Check out 5 Ways to Love Your Laundry Room for tips on how to easily give your laundry room a facelift.

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