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A great solution to those patchy parts of your landscape, groundcover is a general term for perennials that are known for their ability to spread. Not only will they help enhance the areas of your lawn where grass is difficult to sustain, but they often require less water than grass and are a great way to prevent erosion in hilly areas. Here are seven popular varieties to get you started.

7 Popular Ground Covers to Enhance Any Yard

Radiantlife-2006-ground-cover Youcanlearnseries-sedum-ground-cover Imagejuicy-pachysandra-ground-cover Finegardening-salvia-ground-cover Whiteflowerfarms-hosta-emerald-isle-large-ground_cover Cottonarboretum-creeping-jenny-groundcoveri Herbgarden-big_groundivy-ground-covers Hgtv-chamomile-ground-cover

Often requiring less water than grass, ground covers are a smart—and beautiful—way to enhance any garden or landscape.

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