Slide 1: Small Apartment

When it comes to apartment living, it’s not how much space you have but how well you use it. For many people, the benefits of living in an urban area outweigh the inconveniences of residing in a minuscule 400-square-foot apartment. While a tiny footprint can be challenging, there are plenty of ways to make it work—and work well. 

10 Ways to Live Large in a (Very) Small Space

Living in big cities often means residing in small spaces. When space is a premium, you have to find creative ways to make do with less real estate. Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, but can also lead to super smart design solutions. Multifunctional furniture is key, as is maximizing your layout by using every inch of both floor and wall space. Light and airy colors and streamlined furniture can help keep a small space from closing in on you. Whether you live in a studio apartment, or need to better utilize that tiny room tucked away in your house, check out these space-saving design tips and tricks. You can live large— or at least, make the most of small space living.


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