Slide 1: Snowdrop Flowers


If you have snowdrops in your yard, chances are they’ve already made their appearance. True to their name, these white flowers don’t mind growing up through snow-covered ground in February or March. Don’t cut them back at the end of the season; you can weaken the bulb.

Early Bloomers: 7 Spring Flowers Bringing Color NOW to a Yard Near You!

Nothing heralds the coming of spring like perennial flowers. Their reliable return each season is one of the reasons gardeners love to plant bulbs; put in the ground in the fall, they will reward you with beautiful blooms during the earliest growing months. Every year, the dormant bulbs awake to send green shoots through the cold ground—even snow! Although a late frost can harm them, these early bloomers are generally of hardy stock and can grow in colder zones. If you don't already grow bulbs in your garden, a stroll through this gallery of lovely flowers might just be enough to make even the gardening-averse consider taking up a trowel.

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