Slide 1: Spray Painted Patio Chair


A can of spray paint can go a long way toward making a weary-looking piece seem nearly new. Spray paint is inexpensive, and it’s easy enough to repaint a chair like this every year. So, go ahead—try something bold. You can change your mind next year. Be sure to wash and dry your piece thoroughly before painting.

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12 Ways to Wake Up Your Tired Outdoor Furniture

When spring is in the air and the weather starts to heat up, so does your outdoor entertaining. But after a long winter, your outdoor furniture might be looking shabby, particularly under the bright, unforgiving glare of the sun. Before you hop on the Internet to order new furniture, see if there’s something you can do to revive that patio set, picnic table, garden glider, or favorite pair of lawn chairs. If your furniture is actually falling apart, it may be time to retire it. If it's structurally sound, however, no matter what it's made of, there's probably a way to freshen it up. For example, spray paint is a panacea for wood, wicker, and metal. Most pieces can also be revived with a thorough washing, scrubbing, and sanding. If the finish is beyond saving, or if you're just sick and tired of it, you can recover it—by slipcovering or reupholstering. Or maybe all you need are the right accessories—a few throws and pillows—to bring your furniture back to life. Take a look at these smart ways to bring your old garden furniture to new glory.

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