Slide 1: How to Plant Grass Seed


Not surprisingly, success lies in the seed. To make sure you sow the type of seed that works best for your climate, first consult the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Just remember—a green, lush lawn may need a couple of seasons to take hold. Be patient, follow proper care and watering, and you will be rewarded.

Ultimate Lawn Care Guide: 12 Steps to a Prize-Winning Yard

A green lawn is the coveted prize of every homeowner. Nothing feels better than walking through the cool grass in your bare feet during summer. Though we love our own little piece of nature, most homeowners know a beautiful lawn doesn’t necessarily come naturally. It takes effort—and knowledge.

Learning how to plant grass seed and when to water and fertilize the lawn is a worthwhile endeavor. You may have learned how to mow a lawn when you were a kid, but you might not have mastered the balance between proper blade height and the perfect timing for mowing. (Hint: NOT when it’s scorching hot out.) Mowing the lawn becomes a breeze when you achieve zen in the art of lawn mower maintenance. Just like a car, your mower needs regular TLC. Weeds are inevitable unless you are vigilant with preventative care. Luckily, there’s no lack of options in both conventional and natural weed killers.

Still overwhelmed? There are beautiful grass alternatives that will render your yard nearly maintenance free. But with a bit of planning, and diligent upkeep throughout the year, you can cultivate the ultimate lawn and still have time to enjoy it. Check out our top 12 list of lawn care tips that will get you the yard of your dreams.

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