Slide 5: Steel Pipe Planter


Repurposed steel pipes form an industrially inspired border of narrow, cylindrical planters that show off succulents in style. No need to worry about the age of your pipes: A rusted patina has earthy appeal and evokes a sense of history.

On the Edge: 16 Garden Borders You Can Make

No newly cut garden bed is complete without some edging to distinguish it from the rest of your yard. Installing landscape edging is an easy DIY project that makes a major impact on the aesthetics of your outdoor space. There are a great variety of edging materials to choose from: metal, stone, brick, plastic, concrete, or wood. You can purchase something at a big box store, or special order your materials if you want to buy your edging. Or, you can save some money and make your own landscape edging with any number of recycled and found materials— glass bottles, steel pipes, clam shells, and even dinner plates. A creative DIY edging can help infuse your garden with a unique sense of style that reflects your personality. Here are some terrific and inventive garden edging ideas to get you started.

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