Slide 1: Stone Veneer Arches


Venetian Villa natural stone veneer by Coronado is the perfect complement to classic outdoor arches. The square- and rectangular-cut pieces are less than 2.5 inches thick and weigh 7 to 10 pounds per square foot, requiring some care when installing.

Stone Veneers: 10 Rock-Solid Looks for Your Walls

There once was a big difference in appearance between natural and faux stone veneer, but the materials have evolved to be nearly indistinguishable. Natural stone can now be thinly sliced, allowing it to clad surfaces in ways that were once impossible. Authentic stone veneers are now sturdier and have richer coloration, but they are expensive and usually require more time to install. Manufactured stone is lighter and cheaper, and can be installed more quickly, but it can be more susceptible to wear over time. Both manmade and natural stone veneers can clad practically any surface in any room of the house. See for yourself by clicking through our gallery of project ideas.

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