Slide 1: Swingset Playhouse


A swing set and clubhouse are what backyard dreams are made of. This DIY version is custom built for a sloped backyard, and is made of decking lumber from a big box home improvement store. There's a childhood's-worth of adventures to be had, secrets to be shared, and memories to be made here.

8 Kids Clubhouses You Never Want to Outgrow

So many memories are made in the backyard. Every kid craves a little place of his or her own—a place to imagine and invent, plot and plan. A clubhouse is the perfect setting for all of childhood's dream making. You can buy one for the equivalent of downpayment on a car. Or, you can DIY one that's customized for your kiddo's capabilities and interests. Create a tree house, book nook, hideout, or fort—or maybe a little of each. There's a design to fit every family and physical location. Check out some of our favorite DIY clubhouse designs. Any one of them will keep the kids playing for hours.

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