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7 Reasons to Choose Zoned Cooling and Heating
For decades, forced-air systems have dominated the cooling and heating market in the United States. Americans have learned to live with it, in part because of the...
Streamline Cooling and Heating with One System for Year-Round Comfort
You are reading one installment in a 10-part series devoted to exploring Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and coo...
Achieve Lower Bills and Cleaner Air with One Simple Replacement
Believe it or not, in one fell swoop you can lower your energy bills and improve the air quality in your home. The se...
Bob Vila Radio: TLC for Your Window AC
Window air conditioners: We turn to them in the dog days of summer, turn them off when the weather cools down, and fo...
Ditch the Ducts: Choose Ductless HVAC for Savings and Comfort
You are reading one installment in a ten-part series devoted to exploring Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and co...
Add Central AC to Your Old House—Without Erasing Its Charm
If your home was built before the advent of air conditioning, you've likely bemoaned the fact that, for all its histo...
Genius! Cool Off on the Cheap with a DIY Air Conditioner
We owe a lot to the humble air conditioner. Like most inventions, the idea came from a very real need: relief from ex...
Small-Duct, "Invisible" AC Cools Any Home, New or Old
Whether you own an old house or would like to build a new one, you've likely asked yourself a hard-to-answer question...
Bob Vila Radio: Level Out a Wobbly Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans are great—until they get wobbly. What causes that to happen, and how can you go about fixing a wobbly ce...
The 1-Hour Home Energy Audit That Can Save You Money Every Month
Winter's right around the corner, and with those falling temperatures come rising energy costs. But don’t despair—a few quick and easy solutions to common househo...
The Do's and Don'ts of Window Fans
Air conditioning is responsible for as much as one third of the electricity consumed in summer. These are energy-thir...
Bob Vila Radio: Wisdom for Window Fans
After spending a warm summer day picnicking or at the beach, who doesn't love to come home to a comfortably cool home...
7 Simple Ways to Cut Your Home Cooling Costs
Staying comfortable through the summer often comes at a price (after all, air conditioning ain't cheap). If your energy bills have your blood pressure rising fast...
Art Cool Mini-Splits for Comfort—and Decor
Summer has arrived, and with the inexorable heat comes the inevitable hunt—for the perfect air conditioner, that is. ...
How To: Install a Window Air Conditioner
Whereas putting in a central air conditioning system typically requires a professional crew, installing a window air ...
Bob Vila Radio: Ceiling Fan Care
The soothing whir of a ceiling fan is one of the sweet sounds of summer. But summer’s not over yet. To keep your fan ...
Bob Vila Radio: Mini-Split Air Conditioners
Heat gettin’ you down? If you’re in a house where installing central air would also mean installing ductwork, maybe y...
9 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs in Rising Heat
Check out these energy-saving tips that will help your air conditioner do its job without breaking a sweat—or the bank.
Use Awnings to Reduce Energy Costs in Summer
Homeowners looking to reduce air conditioning costs and shield interior furnishings from the sun’s harsh glare may wa...
The Mini-Split Air Conditioner: Today's Smart Cooling Option
Now that summer has arrived, it's definitely time to focus on home cooling. If your house does not have central air c...
Keep Ceiling Fans Clean to Ensure Smooth Operation
Ceiling fans are a wonderful addition to any room, offering a cool breeze and providing a pleasant decorative accent....
Blades of Glory: 10 Ceiling Fans with Sharp Style
Take a spin through our roundup of ceiling fans to suit every design sensibility.
Top Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioner
All air conditioners are designed to cool—that is, to remove heat and humidity from interior spaces. If you are in th...
Bob Vila Radio: Whole-House Fans
Warm weather is just around the corner, with its humming air conditioners and skyrocketing electric bills. You may be...
How To: Choose a Ceiling Fan
Choosing a ceiling fan is enough to make any homeowner’s head hurt. With so many variables and options, what should y...
Bob Vila Radio: Fall AC Care
Now that the summer scorchers are over, it’s time to bring in your window air conditioning units. Listen to BOB VILA ...
Max Efficiency: Replacing AC Pipe Insulation
An imperative “rite of spring” in our house is checking our two central air conditioning systems to make sure they ar...
Bob Vila Radio: Window AC Checklist
Before you pull your window air conditioner out of storage, consider its age. Efficiencies have improved so much that...
Cool Your House with Smart Landscaping
Smart landscaping is more than a pretty yard—it’s a smart and efficient way to cool your home in summer. Trees shade ...
5 FAN-tastic Deals & Steals
Temperatures are rising and now is the perfect time to invest in a fan or two for your home. Stay cool with these hot...
Quick Tip: Alternatives to Air Conditioning Your Home
Try Old-School Cooling Before you crank up the A/C this summer to keep cool, try a little old-fashioned ventilation f...
Quick Tip: Buy and Install a Room Air Conditioner
What to Look for Room air conditioners are rated by the number of BTUs, or British thermal units, of heat that they c...
New Air Conditioning for Old Houses
High noon will turn many a classic home into a summertime sweatbox. And while noisy window-mounted air conditioners c...
Fans vs. Air Conditioners
Photo: LABWorks360Last week, the New York Times featured a Home Section article on fans and/or air conditioning--depe...
Evaluating the HVAC and Plumbing System
Bob meets with HVAC and plumbing contractor Frank Iadarola to review the HVAC and plumbing systems and discuss how to begin the remodeling process.
Reviewing the Boiler Pipes and Bathroom In-Floor Radiant Heat
Bob and plumbing and heating contractor Frank Iadarola review the air handler and bathroom in-floor radiant heat.
Reviewing the High-Efficiency HVAC System
Bob reviews the heating and air conditioning equipment that will bring the Shingle Style house into its second century.
Installing a Water-Cooled HVAC System
Bob and Jeff Akers of The Air Authority review the water-cooled HVAC system, granting focus to its ingenious mechanical design and up-to-code energy efficiency.
Air Conditioning Condenser Install
Kevin Callahan from Sears joins Bob to talk about the new Kenmore air conditioning condensers that will be installed.
Individual Zone Heating and Cooling
Bob meets with Meredith Schelp from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC to learn about the City-Multi HVAC system that will heat and cool the Manhattan Brownstone floor-thro...
HVAC System Installation
Bob discusses the SpacePak HVAC system that's being installed to provide heating and cooling in the house and barn. The SpacePak system is well-suited to projects...
Discussing the Air Conditioning System & Breezeway Design
Bob talks with Mike Donaghey (from American Standard) to learn more about the barn's air conditioning system. Also, Bob and general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski...
Master Bathroom Tour, Sauna Installation, and Window Blinds
Bob tours the master bathroom, noticing the finishing touches and pointing out the features. Also, Bob checks out the Finlandia sauna, before reviewing te Crysta...
Blower Door Test
Janet MacIlvaine and George James (from the Department of Energy) show Bob how they conduct a blower door test.
Oven Hood and Shelving Installation
A restaurant-quality oven hood vent is installed, in addition to Metrowire shelves.
Installing High-Velocity, Flexible-Duct Air Conditioning in an Older Home
The air conditioning system for the third floor exercise area, with its unique features and ductwork, is installed.
HVAC System for the Home Addition
Bob meets with Mark, a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning mechanic, who is installing an HVAC system to moderate the temperature in the addition.
HVAC System for the Greenhouse
Bob meets with HVAC contractor Dave Talbot to discuss the heating and cooling of the greenhouse. A system of thermostats, blowers, vented windows, and boiler has ...
Installing the Greenhouse Windows
Contractor Bob Ryley shows off the greenhouse's motorized windows. At the touch of a button, or via a thermostat, the windows open and close. Bob helps Ryley asse...
Constructing a Clapboard Sunburst Fan
Bob joins siding contractor Brian Quinn, who is constructing a beautiful gable-end sunburst fan from clapboard siding. Quinn explains how to lay out the center mo...
Wiring a Thermostat
Bob observes as electrician Steve Bradley snakes a thermostat wire along a wall in service of the new air conditioning system.
Installing the Air-Conditioning System
Bob and the HVAC installer review plans to install air conditioning in the Naples project house.
Screen Porch and Ceiling Fan
Bob reviews the plans to create a new screen porch with a ceiling fan at the Naples project house.
Creating Ducts
Bob goes over the ducting process with carpentry contractor Bob Ryley at the Cape Cod project house.
Be a Pro at Patching Stucco More_clips
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