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How To: Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel
From sinks to appliances, counters to cabinet hardware, stainless steel remains a popular kitchen trend, favored for ...
3 Reasons to Build with Metal Roofing
A homeowner doesn't usually give much thought to the roof on his or her home until the worst happens and it's time fo...
How To: Spray Paint Metal
Metal furniture and ornaments are popular because they’re durable, but the longer a piece lasts, the older its look c...
How To: Remove Rust from Cast Iron
Cast iron is so strong and durable, it can serve for a lifetime and beyond. Yet rugged as the material is, it only ta...
How To: Age Metal
Today, many homeowners strive to achieve a lived-in vibe with their interior design choices. Who wants furniture that...
How To: Remove Rust from Stainless Steel
At its best, a kitchen furnished with shiny stainless steel appliances and surfaces is practically the picture of pri...
3 Natural Fixes to Remove Rust from Metal
Few things are more unsightly than a sudden smattering of rust spots plaguing your smooth metal surfaces. Whether on ...
How To: Remove Rust from Hand Tools
Has it been a while since your last home improvement project? If your do-it-yourself skills are a little rusty, chanc...
Bob Vila Radio: Stainless vs. Galvanized Steel
Have you ever wondered which holds up better against the elements, stainless or galvanized steel? Well, that depends ...
How To: Remove Paint from Metal
"Just paint it!" That's the motto for many DIYers when they're unhappy with the lamp, dresser, doors, hardware. . . y...
Bob Vila Radio: Pros and Cons of Metal Adhesives
When you want to join two pieces of metal, your first impulse may be to go for a rivet or even a soldering iron. But ...
Bob Vila Radio: It's a Snap to Patch Metal with Pop Rivets
Do you need a quick and easy way to fasten a patch onto sheet metal? Pop rivets make it pretty easy to do so. They co...
Bob Vila Radio: The Basics of Drilling Through Metal
Provided you have the right tools, it's not difficult to drill through metal. But for the job to go smoothly and the ...
How To: Clean Pewter
Used in everything from caskets to kitchen utensils, pewter remains popular with artisans and crafters in part becaus...
How To: Paint Metal
A fresh coat of paint can brighten the look and prolong the life of metal surfaces in and around your home. Painting ...
How To: Clean Cast Iron
A durable material if there ever was one, cast iron occasionally requires cleaning, particularly where food preparati...
How To: Remove Rust
Learning how to remove rust isn't rocket science, and in homeowners' ongoing fight to maintain outdoor tools and pati...
Quick Tip: Metal Roofing Shingles
Metal roofs have long been associated with agricultural and industrial use, but these days, new metal roofing systems...
Bob Vila Radio: Metal Roofs
Thinking about putting a new roof over your head? Maybe a metal roof is right for you. Today’s metal roofing—whether ...
Quick Tip: Metal Roofing
When roofing your house, consider using a metal roof. Available in a variety of colors and styles, metal roofing is m...
Installing the New Garage Doors
Bob talks with Robert Rainey of PJ Overhead Door as the new and improved garage door panels and tracks are installed on the Norwell home.
Installing Galvalume Metal Roof and Solar Panels
Work is being done on the roof—laying Deck-Armor and installing metal roofing and photovoltaic panels. Bob talks with Jeff Wolf from GroSolar about the photovolta...
Building a Metal Stud Wall in the Basement
Bob meets carpenter Danny Ruffini to see how a metal stud wall is built in the basement.
Installing Copper-Lined Gutters
Carpenters Bob Ryley and Danny Ruffini and copper-work specialist Fred Mitchell install custom fabricated copper-lined wood gutters on Bob's home.
Installing Restored Brass Door Hardware and Faux Finishing the Mantelpiece
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley install the restored door hardware, and artist Kim Sweet faux finishes the mantle in the den, taking as inspiration a piece of Bob’s f...
Plumbing Fittings and Faucets, Energy Star, Whole-House Surge Protection
Bob works with Bob and Dan Gerry to install kitchen sink fixtures. Then the ceiling fan is put in and a Square D All House Surge Arrester is installed.
Swimming Pool Filtration, Sanitation, and Lighting
Bob watches as a pool cage is constructed. It is rated to withstand a wind load of 130 miles per hour
Metal Stud Framing
Dino Koukoudakis of Dino's Construction prefers using metal studs, because of their light weight and resistance to warping. Easy to cut and fasten, metal studs to...
Safety Railing Installation
An ironworker secures the rooftop deck's safety railing to its footings. Then, Bob meets with the window installer who is putting frosted thermal glass walls on t...
Antique-Look Bathroom Sink, Soaking Tub, and Quartz Tile Installation
Bob watches over the installation of a few bathroom fixtures, including a custom vanity countertop and undermount sinks from Toto USA, as well as an acrylic soaki...
Reviewing the Penthouse Living Area & Kitchen
Bob surveys the interior decorating of the penthouse apartment, as well as the top-quality materials and appliances in the kitchen. Also, Bob learns about the dif...
Installing the Metal Roof
Kevin Corcoran from Englert Roofing Systems explains to Bob the benefits of the Englert environmentally-friendly maintenance-free metal roofing product.
Metal Roof Installation Using Crimping
Jeff Smith from Al Smith Gutters demonstrates the installation of a modern metal roof panel.
Installing a Sound-Attenuating Coffered Wood Ceiling
Bob meets with Joe Adams and Ralph McGrath in the media room of Elm Court. Adams and McGrath are installing a sound-attenuating grid-ceiling system from Owens-Cor...
Steel Bulkhead, Cedar Siding and Metal Flashing, and Standing Seam Steel Roof Installation
In a progress report, Ted Riley shows Bob the pre-primed red cedar siding , the heavy-duty metal Bilco bulkhead installation, and the Quechee home's standing seam...
Reviewing the Bathroom Tile and Fixtures
Bob looks at the finished wall tile from Shaw in a second-floor bathroom at the Vermont farmhouse project site.
Restoring the Brownstone Facade and Working on the Wrought Iron
Bob focuses on the exterior of the Manhattan Brownstone, where paint has built up over the last 100 years and now obscures the details and carvings on the facade.
Installing Permex Shutters, Viewing the Open Floor Plan, and Meeting the Affordable Home Buyers
Bob meets general contractor Wes Lohr at the Colonial-style affordable home in Mashpee, Massachusetts.
Installing French Doors
Bob talks with Ray Adam (from Pella Windows) about the new French doors to be installed in the library. It's an active/inactive door with all hardware. The most i...
Skylight and Gable Window Installation
Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on ...
Installing Standing-Seam Copper Roofing
Bob Fulmer (from Harraseeket Restoration, Inc.) joins Bob on the roof of the breezeway to install a double-lock standing seam copper roof.
Installing Copper Gutters
Bob watches as gutters are installed along the copper-roofed breezeway.
Tour of the Home's Exterior, Lighting Design, and Completed Kitchen
Bob tours the exterior of the completed Victorian restoration project house, remarking on the color scheme, breezeway, and artist's studio. Inside the house, Bob ...
Installing the Fireplace Throat and Flue
Masons install the throat and flue for the Rumford fireplace in the Lifespan House.
Metal Roofing Installation
Bob meets with the president of the Metal Roofing Alliance, who demonstrates the process of installing metal roofing panels.
Aluminum Replacement Window Installation
Carpenter Bob Ryley and Bob George (from New England Window) install a bronze aluminum replacement window in an arched-top masonry wall.
Fabricating Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops
Bob visits a stainless steel fabrication shop to see how the kitchen counters for the loft project unit are made.
Installing the Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops
Bob observes Bob Watts weld together the stainless steel kitchen countertops on-site.
Installing Steel Stair Stringers for the Bulkhead
Installer Juan Gonsalves shows Bob how to install steel stair stringers.
Installation of the Buderus High Efficiency Boiler
Bob talks with factory representative Chris Hoff and heating contractor Peter Lydon during the installation of a Buderus high-efficiency boiler.
Tour of Yuca Restaurant
Bob tours the heavy-duty, no-nonsense kitchen of Yuca, a Cuban-American restaurant in Miami.
Greenhouse Glass Installation
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install sloped glazing on a greenhouse with the help of Mark Santos.
Installing Velux Skylights
Bob oversees the installation of a Velux skylight in a standing-seam metal-shingled roof.
Standing-Seam Metal-Shingled Roof Installation
Bob looks on as the roofing crew installs a standing-seam metal-shingled roof.
Installing a Lightning Rod
J & G Lightning Protection, Inc. installs a lightning rod system that will draw lightning toward the two copper rods, which perch on the garage roof. The copper p...
Installing Pella Doors and Windows
Bob and Tom Moran (from Pella) discuss the anatomy of the doors chosen for the Martha's Vineyard Victorian project, and contractor Bob Ryley demonstrates the proc...
Touring "Old Ironsides"
Bob meets with a project manager for the restoration of the U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides", dry-docked in Boston Harbor. They review the 21-inch-thick hull ...
Sweating a Joint in Copper Plumbing
The plumber Steve Bowton shows Bob how to sweat a joint in copper plumbing.
Gunite Cement in Swimming Pool Construction
Bob observes as gunite is poured over rebar to form the bottom and sides of the swimming pool cavity.
Joining Copper Plumbing
Plumber Tom Higham demonstrates how to join copper plumbing for the bathroom lavatory.
Installing an Authentic Iron Fence
Bob finds an authentic iron fence for the front yard and watches as the welder installs it using the arc welding process. Next, Bob heads inside to join general c...
Touring Chicago Architecture
Bob joins architectural historian Susan Benjamin for a tour of some of Chicago's landmark buildings.
Installing an Iron Staircase
Ironmonger Frank Szablewski constructs an iron staircase and balcony entryway outside the front door.
Finishing the Steel Building Container
Once stripped down, an ISBU's exterior is finished with heavy-gauge steel, then faced in sheet-metal wrap and covered with SuperTherm insulating ceramic coating. ...
Layout for a Container-Built Home
Bob joins Steve Armstrong, the project architect and engineer, to discuss the project. The challenge of building a home like this is marrying new methods of const...
Installing a Standing-Seam Copper Roof
Rich Melo of Newton Roofing Company joins Bob for the installation of the copper roof on the Rowley addition. The Dutch cleat system has a crimped edge and a rece...
Winterizing Wooden Furniture More_clips
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