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5 Things to Do with... Old Rakes
What good is a rake you can no longer use in the garden? Actually, there are countless ingenious ways to give a secon...
How To: Remove Exterior Paint with a Pressure Washer
Before you repaint your house, you have to remove all loose and peeling paint. A pressure washer makes the job go fas...
Bob Vila Radio: Hose Repair
If your garden hose has seen better days, don’t just send it to the landfill. There are some simple, inexpensive ways...
5 Things to Do with... Garden Hoses
How many times have you dragged your hose into position only to discover that it's sprung a leak? Fear not! Even with...
Is an Electric Lawn Mower Right for You?
Many people are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint, driving more efficient cars and improving the energy e...
Choice Apps for Garden Geeks
Every gardener has a favorite tool. For some, it's a trusty old spade. For others, it's a pair of pruning shears that...
Garden in Comfort with These 10 Ergonomic Tools
Gardening can sometimes leave you feeling achy and sore. But don’t despair, because there are many ergonomic gardening tools available to help take the pain out o...
Bob Vila Radio: Garden Hoses
A hose is a hose is a hose, right? Not so fast—not all garden hoses are created equal, so before you spring for a new...
Chain Saws 101
Chain saws—the forest primeval has seen few tools with such devastating utility, not to mention sheer volume. If a st...
Axes and Hatchets
Axes goes back into prehistory almost as far as the hammer. The axe, too, started out as a stone, but some clever Sto...
Bob Vila Radio: Clean Garden Tools
After a hot day’s work in your garden, you may be tempted to just toss the shovels and tools back into the garage, ev...
All Garden Hoses Are Not Created Equal
Let's talk garden hoses. Every home needs at least one, whether to water the lawn, wash the car, or run the Slip 'n S...
Why Should You Keep a Gardening Journal?
Gardening is an ongoing process marked by victories and challenges, experiments and surprises.  Seasons come and go q...
Regular Maintenance Is Critical to Chain Saw Operation
To safely and productively operate a chain saw, you must commit to maintaining it. Keep your chain saw in tip-top sha...
Bob Vila Radio: Wheelbarrows
This is a busy time of year in the garden, what with planting and mulching, weeding and feeding. All that heavy lifti...
The Super Effective Shovel that Will Change a Gardener's Life
It is gardening time. The ground is packed hard, solid, impenetrable from the long winter. You need a shovel that can ...
Need a New Lawn Mower? 10 Top-Rated Grass Guzzlers
These mighty mowers made the cut by earning high marks from consumer and testing sites around the web.
Bob Vila Radio: Shovels
Picking the right shovel for the job saves time—and can save your back as well. Here are a few shovels you’ll want in...
Bob Vila Radio: Rakes
The first job any gardener has this time of year is that all-important spring cleanup that starts with raking out any...
9 Essential Tools for Every Gardener
Getting your yard ready for spring? The right equipment can mean the difference between a beautiful garden and a barren wasteland.
Watering Well: 10 Sprinklers to Quench Your Garden's Thirst
Innovation has transformed the landscape of lawn sprinklers for consumers, yielding an expanded field of quality performers.
10 Wheelbarrows to Lighten Your Load
Just as shovels and rakes come in every size and shape, wheelbarrows are now available in varying designs to suit your gardening needs.
How To: Choose a Wheelbarrow
With planting season around the corner, it’s time to hit the garage and take inventory: what have you got, and what d...
Bob Vila Radio: Chain Saws
Chain saws aren't just for lumberjacks anymore. These powerful tools now come in a range of sizes, with lightweight o...
How To: Choose a Lawn Mower
If your current lawn mower was built to last, it's probably been a while since you've shopped for a new one! When you...
Turn Your Lawn Tractor into a Snow Plow or Blower
When the weatherman starts predicting the next blizzard, we get a little shaky in our house. Armed with only two snow...
10 Snow Shovels to Clear the Path (and Save Your Back)
Keep the snow—and backache—at bay this winter with one of these ten smart, ergonomically-friendly snow shovels.
Ergonomic Snow Shoveling Tips from the Experts
As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, Old Man Winter gears up to blow squalling snow all over our decks ...
How To: Maintain a Snow Blower for Peak Performance
There is a definite chill in the air, and the first snow flurries are flying… that means it’s time to get our snow bl...
Shop for a Snow Blower Before First Flakes Fall
Winter’s chill is in the air, and that means it may be time to shop for a snow blower. There are a number of factors ...
Top Tools 2012: Black & Decker 36v Cordless Lawn Mower
Why You'll Love It: Leave the gas can behind and forget about annual machine maintenance tasks with the Black & D...
Using a Pressure Washer Around the House and Yard
What a difference the right tool or appliance can make! For instance, we were late arrivals to the pressure washer pa...
How To: Use a Leaf Blower
Fall is full of football, hot apple cider, and pumpkin pies. And leaves. For some, lots and lots of leaves. A leaf bl...
5 Rakes Every Homeowner Should Know
Like more sophisticated indoor tools, landscaping rakes are designed to meet specific challenges.
The Right Rake for the Job
Autumn leaves are falling, which means pumpkin donuts and lattes are available at your favorite morning pit stop. And...
Bob Vila Radio: Fall Equipment Prep
As the weather gets colder, it’s a good idea to do some fall maintenance on your outdoor equipment and put it to bed ...
Should You Buy a Used Riding Mower?
When we moved from New York City to a beach town in Southern, DE, we suddenly went from having zero lawn to caring fo...
Mower Maintenance: 5 Ways to Keep Your Machine Up and Running
This summer, to ensure you’re spending more time enjoying your weekend and not struggling to get your mower to start,...
In Search of the Ultimate Garden Hose Storage
Since moving from a small NYC apartment a little over a year ago, we have been slowly acquiring all of the suburban h...
Garden Hose Management: 10 Stylish Solutions
Looking for a way to remedy kinks and knots in your garden hose? Consider one of these ten decorative hose management solutions.
How To: Care for Garden Tools
A quality garden starts with quality care—and that doesn’t just mean keeping up with your weeding. Maintaining your g...
Quick Tip: Buying a Snow Blower
Before You BuyWhether you call it a snow blower or a snow thrower, before you shell out for one this winter, make sur...
Mower Safety Tips from John Deere
Mowing accidents lead to 68,000 trips to the emergency room every year, according to the American Academy of Pediatri...
Bob Vila Radio: Lawn Tractors
If you’ve got a half-acre or more of lawn to mow, a riding lawnmower or a garden tractor is a great tool to have. LIS...
DIY Deals: Lawn & Garden Tools
It takes time and effort to maintain a beautiful lawn and the right tools definitely help. Here's a sampling of retai...
Quick Tip: Where to Find Green Garden Solutions
What Is a Local Extension Service? When it comes to finding gardening solutions specific to your area, most experts w...
Quick Tip: Snow Blower Safety
'Tis the season for snowblowing, and it’s no joke that hundreds of emergency room visits each winter are caused by un...
Look Ma—No Wheels: The Hovering Mower
I had the pleasure of touring the Husqvarna Research & Development headquarters in Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago ...
Painting your front door a striking color is risky, but it will really grab attention. Picking the right shade (and finish... Built on a rocky island in the Drina River, near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia, this wooden house was cobbled together ... Large steel-framed windows flood the interior of this remodeled Michigan barn with daylight. The owners hired Northworks A... Edging formed with upside-down wine bottles is a refreshing change. Cleverly and artistically involving recycled materials... A Washington State couple called on BC&J Architects to transform their 400-square-foot boathouse into a hub for family bea... Similar to the elevated utensil concept, hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling-mounted rack keeps them nearby and easy... For windows, doors, and mirrors that could use a little definition, the Naples Etched Glass Border adds a decorative flora... The thyme growing between these stepping stones adds a heady fragrance to strolls along this lush, low-maintenance garden ... Decoupage is an easy way to add any paper design to your switch plate, whether it is wallpaper, scrapbook paper, book page... Twine lanterns add pops of crafty—but sophisticated—flair to any outdoor setting. Wrap glue-soaked twine around a balloon ... When securely fastened to a tree or the ceiling of a porch, a pallet and some cushioning make the ideal place to lounge. V... Reluctant to throw away any of those unidentified keys in your junk drawer? Hang them from a few chains attached to a simp... A stripped-down model, sans screened porch, starts out at $79,000. Add the porch, a heated floor for the bath, and all the... Salvaged boards in varying widths and colors make up the dramatic accent wall in this attic space. The high-gloss white of... This garden shed has been decked out to the nines. Designer Orla Kiely created the intimate home for a flower trade show, ...
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