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Quick Tip: Circular Saw Safety
Here's some important safety tips to remember when you're using a circular saw. Remove jewelry and loose clothing fir...
Quick Tip: Jigsaws
For a saw that can handle the curves, look for a good saber saw. Sometimes called a jigsaw, it has a small blade that...
The Dremel Multi-Max: Who Let the Tool Designers Loose?
Because of the popularity of the Dremel rotary tool, most people perceive the Dremel brand as a bastion of the arts-a...
Disk Sander
Sanding disks are prefabricated disks of abrasive paper. They can be mounted on a variety of tools, including the rad...
Finishing Sanders
Names like orbital sander, pad sander, and oscillating sheet sander are used to identify finishing sanders. You'll fi...
Belt Sander
The belt sander always seems to be in a hurry. When fitted with a coarse paper, it will sand away dense layers of pai...
The Compressor
The compressor is a machine that compresses the gases in the air around us to pressures greater than that of the norm...
The Plate Joiner
The world of woodworking got along quite nicely, thank you very much, without the plate joiner. Yet making furniture ...
The Shaper
For those woodworkers for whom a molded edge, a contoured decorative curve, is the difference between a proper job an...
The Thickness Planer
The planer is a tool for woodworkers who require large quantities of planed stock and who elect to buy it rough cut. ...
The Jointer
The very name speaks to the nature of this tool. If you aspire to be a joiner, a person who specializes in fastening ...
Basic Grinding 101
I've never seen the guy so angry: His wife used a favorite chisel to open a paint can and my friend Dominick took it ...
The Bench Grinder
The bench grinder is to the workshop as the trainer is to the team. It doesn't run out on the field when a tool goes ...
Drill Press
The drill press is a fixed-in-place version of the simple hand drill with a worktable beneath. A hole at the center o...
Radial-Arm Saw
There are always ongoing debates within a universe of people who are committed to their work. One such argument among...
Band Saw Safety
This is a powerful cutting tool and must be used with proper respect and care. The Saw Table. Keep it clear of debris...
The jigsaw resembles the band saw in that the workpiece is presented to the blade atop a small table (nine inches by ...
Band Saw
Some cabinetmakers of distinction assert that the band saw is the single most important stationary tool in the worksh...
Tilting Arbor Saw
For many woodworkers, the single most important workshop tool is the table saw. Though it is most often referred to b...
Freestanding Saws
In the thoroughly equipped workshop, there are more tools than you could shake a furring strip at. You know the works...
The Router
The router has, in recent years, become something of a must in the cabinetmaker's and even the finish carpenter's wor...
Electric Drills
The electric drill is about as versatile as a tool can get. It drills holes of many kinds, of course, but it can sand...
Keyhole and Reciprocating Saw
Keyhole SawNot many years ago, I would see keyhole saws in use almost daily; now, for many carpenters, keyhole saws h...
The Saber Saw
A rule of thumb in the tool world is that the smaller the blade, the greater the variety of cuts. One tool that demon...
The Hand-Held Circular Saw
The circular saw was invented in England at the turn of the nineteenth century, though there is considerable disagree...
Quick Tip: Table Saw Techniques
Your table saw can perform a remarkable number of tasks. There’s probably enough to fill a website, especially when a...
The Portable Table Saw
For on-site work, a portable table saw is more practical than larger, heavier table saws. It rips and crosscuts; it m...
Table and Radial Saws
One of the crowning achievements of many do-it-yourselfers is to purchase a stationary bench power tool. Unless you'r...
Power Saw Blade Sense
When you are cutting wood, one of the first decisions to make is what type of circular saw blade will give you the re...
Pneumatic Nailers for Homeowners
Pneumatic nailers, known as nail guns, have changed the way builders work, and are as common on the job site nowadays...
Compressed-Air Tools
Paint a house, fix a fender, build a deck, shingle a roof, pump air into your car's tires — you can do it all with th...
Bob Vila Radio: Power Drill
A power drill does more than just drill holes. With different attachments, it also drives screws, turns a sander, or ...
Bob Vila Radio: Lithium-Ion Batteries
Cordless power tools, and now lithium-ion batteries, have revolutionized the home improvement world. But anyone who’s...
Bob Vila Radio: Tool Tip - Circular Saws
If those holiday gift cards are burning a hole in your pocket, a good circular saw is something you really shouldn't ...
Bob Vila Radio: Tool Tip - Power Sanders
Good sanding can make or break a woodworking project, so every do-it-yourselfer should have a power sander in the wor...
Top Tools 2012: DeWalt 12v Pivot Reciprocating Saw
Why You'll Love It: The DeWalt 12v MAX Pivot Reciprocating Saw is the cordless little brother to the bigger, mor...
Top Tools 2012: Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 Oscillating Multi-Tool
Why You'll Love It: The Hyperlock clamp delivers 1 ton of clamping force, while its Universal Accessory system let's ...
Top Tools 2012: Ridgid 18v Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver
Why You'll Love It: The Ridgid 18v Compact Drill Driver and Impact Driver delivers outstanding performance,...
Top Tools 2012: Milwaukee Cordless 18v Cut-Off/Grinder
Why You'll Love It: This cordless grinder combines a 9,000 rpm motor, convenient paddle-switch, and tool-less accesso...
Bob Vila Radio: Tool Tip - Nail Guns
As time-saving tools go, it's hard to beat the pneumatic nailer; aka the nail gun. But before you run out to get one ...
Bob Vila Radio: Tool Tip - Table Saw
You don't have to undertake too many do-it-yourself woodworking projects to understand that a table saw is a must-hav...
Bob Vila Radio: Drill Drivers
Did you know the right drill bit can make or break the job?LISTENListen to BOB VILA ON DRILL DRIVERS, or read text be...
New Wave of Brushless Motor Power Tools
Brushless motor technology has been around for a while, but only within the last couple years have power tool manufac...
How To: Spring Clean Your Power Tools
Like everything with moving parts—your car, your computer, your body—your power tools will last longer and work bette...
Top Tips for Using a Floor Sander
Use a floor sander effectively in order to complete your hardwood refinishing project more quickly and easily.
Making Friends with a Detail Sander: Refinishing Your Front Door
I love wood. Maybe it’s the way the surface glows when sunlight suffuses the grain, lighting up any room with golden ...
Why Every DIYer Needs a Thickness Planer
The thickness planer is not the most versatile tool in your arsenal. In fact, it really only does one thing: it plane...
Quick Tip: Tool Maintenance
Tool Maintenance. Whatever your storage arrangements, keep your tools clean. After use, remove any sap or resins from...
Protective Gear
There's nothing hard about wearing safety goggles or earplugs or a respirator when they are needed. The cost for such...
Quick Tip: Sharpening a Spade Bit
Spade bits, it seems, are always encountering nails, at least in the kinds of rough drilling chores that renovation w...
Kobalt Tools: Power and Value at Lowe's
When I consider the assortment of power tools that I've purchased, collected and inherited over time, I am amazed tha...
Power Drivers
Power drivers are, for practical purposes, redesigned and re-engineered electric drills. Drills and drivers look much...
Milwaukee Tool Introduces a Refreshed Lineup
I traveled to Milwaukee, WI, a couple weeks ago to visit the headquarters of the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation ...
Drilling with Care
Drilling isn't difficult and, at least in comparison to sawing, it isn't particularly dangerous. Still, skilled drill...
Removing a Hazardous Tree
A large rotted tree is removed for safety reasons.
Building Planter Boxes
Bob Ryley is in the garage workshop building a planter box for the sunroom.
Sanding Wood Floors
In the sunroom, Howard Brickman is at work sanding the floors.
Home Technology Update
Bob meets up with Tim Woods (of the Internet Home Alliance) in the basement of the Quechee home to hear about the progress made integrating the connected home tec...
Skylight and Gable Window Installation
Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on ...
Installing a Brick Walkway and Porch Lighting, and Milling the Railings and Balusters
Contractors put in the brick walkway. Forester Moulding and Lumber replicates the porch railings and balusters. Also, new security and sprinkler systems are insta...
Wood Floor Repair
Bob and homeowner Gavin repair and refinish a 75-year-old oak floor. Because the new patch floor panels have a different thickness from the original, a belt sande...
Removing Trees from the Project Site
Bob joins contractor Bob Ryley and the tree removal specialist to discuss clearing the site. Special tips on chainsaw use and safety are provided.
Building a Medicine Cabinet
Bob helps contractor Bob Ryley hand-craft a medicine cabinet using a radial arm saw, Dado blade, router, screws, and carpenter's glue.
Chalkboard paint features prominently in this elegant yet unpretentious headboard design. Add a new message daily to reflec... Reused steel windows create an eye-catching splashguard in this walk-in shower. The vintage factory windows bring an inter... A galvanized steel tub is a surprising but charming fixture in this bright and breezy screened patio. It's perfect for was... If you're not crazy about the idea of commingling plants and pool, this modern variation may be more to your liking. The s... Yes, a freestanding garage can become its own tiny house. Artist Michelle de la Vega has all the comforts of a modern resi... If you lack plumbing skills but have a good sturdy tree, here's the easiest outdoor shower solution of all: Simply attach... Pursue what's known as the stack effect. To achieve it, open the windows on both the upper and lower floors, and as warm a... How do you like this smart use for an old bottle? Clamp an empty wine bottle to a fence or wall near your outdoor deck or ... Simple and striking, a couple of pieces of "lovingly used" furniture creates a special kind of charm. A weathered chair fo... Twine lanterns add pops of crafty—but sophisticated—flair to any outdoor setting. Wrap glue-soaked twine around a balloon ... When securely fastened to a tree or the ceiling of a porch, a pallet and some cushioning make the ideal place to lounge. V... Incorporate nature into your lighting scheme by securing a dead tree in a concrete mold and draping your pendant lamp from... For the cost of a can of exterior paint , you can totally transform your porch. Paint the floor a hue that complements yo... In this urban apartment, a standard-issue patio became a serene and green perch by replacing the typical concrete with gro... This garden shed has been decked out to the nines. Designer Orla Kiely created the intimate home for a flower trade show, ...
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