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Is a Walk-In Tub Right for You?
Imagine if instead of having to make an appointment and haul yourself to the spa—and then have to pay for the privile...
Get the Look: Modern Bath
Think luxury. Think serenity. Think clean-lined, uncluttered space. This is the essence of the modern bath. It's a lo...
10 Wow-Worthy Walk-In Showers
Whether your shower is purely functional or a crucial chance to unwind each day, there's no denying the luxury a walk-in shower offers. Added touches don't go unn...
New & Notable: 12 Bathroom Products That Raise the Bar on Style and Innovation
Current trends in bathroom design reflect homeowners' propensities toward spa-like luxuries and smart innovation. Here are 12 new and notable products that stand ...
35 Irresistible Bathrooms Boasting a Free-Standing Bathtub
Freestanding bathtubs are quickly becoming a staple of the modern bathroom. Their utility as a centerpiece for a cont...
Bob Vila Radio: Frameless Shower Doors
Glass shower doors have been popular alternatives to shower curtains for decades. Both serve the same simple purpose,...
Bob Vila Radio: Freestanding vs. Built-In Tubs
Freestanding tubs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s luxury bathrooms. Is one right for your bath? Let’s we...
How To: Clean a Shower Head
Is your shower head failing to perform as well as it once did? If so, then chances are good that it's time to clean t...
A Tub with a View: 10 Bathtubs on the Edge of Heaven
A relaxing soak in the tub is one of life's simple pleasures. It's a time to rejuvenate and let your mind wander. Add a scenic view of a picturesque mountaintop, ...
Weekend Projects: Make a Shower Curtain 5 Ways
Shower liners are a humdrum necessity. They perform the simple but important role of keeping water in the shower stal...
What Would Bob Do? Caulking a Bathtub
What can I use to remove caulk from around the bathtub? Also, what is the correct product to use when I caulk the tub...
Buyer's Guide: Tubs
Equal parts meditative and functional, today’s bathroom has been transformed into a spa, a place to unwind and refres...
Bob Vila Radio: Whirlpool Tub Considerations
Do you dream of reclining in a whirlpool tub as the warm water bubbles around you, washing away your cares? If so, ma...
How To: Apply Hot Mop Tar
Hot mop tar is a good way to waterproof projects like an indoor planter. Here's how it's applied. After it's heated i...
How To: Install Shower Valve Trim
A fast and easy way to freshen the look of your shower is to install new shower valve trim. If your trim resembles mi...
How To: Install a Shower Head
Installing a new shower head is not quite as easy as changing a light bulb, but almost. MATERIALS AND TOOLS- New show...
Shower Heads 101
Gone are the days of the utilitarian shower head. Today's spigots are anything but standard. From sleek handheld unit...
Bob Vila Radio: Shower Seats
Making a bathroom safe for everyone doesn’t mean making your home look like a hospital. Listen to BOB VILA ON SHOWER ...
Waterproof Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Shower Experience
Whether you want to watch TV, write a screenplay, or simply enhance your shower experience, these high-tech upgrades are sure to propel your bath into the 21st ce...
Bathroom Essentials: Tubs, Showers, and Sinks
Lifestyle is an important consideration when selecting tubs and showers. For instance, while people often fall in lov...
How To: Replace a Crusty Old Tub Spout
A tub spout does two things: It provides a decorative cover for the pipe stub delivering water to the bathtub, and it...
10 Dream-Worthy Showers to Give You Bathroom Envy
Showering doesn’t have to be a chore! By mixing comfort with visually-striking design, these showers deliver a luxurious look and experience.
How Do You Shower? 7 Revealing Facts About America's Bathing Habits
As the Senior Research & Development Manager for Delta Faucet, Paul Patton conducts frequent surveys and studies ...
Top Tips for Refinishing a Bathtub
Want to replace your vintage cast iron bathtub? You may be surprised that a comparable antique tub, or even a period-...
Helpful Hints for Cleaning Bathtubs
There is nothing like a long, leisurely soak in a luxurious hot bath to soothe away the stresses of the day—that is, ...
Bob Vila Radio: How to Replace a Shower Head
Replacing your shower head is a simple fix that can spruce up the look of your bathroom, save water, and even add a l...
The Easiest Way to Clean Shower Doors
It's always a challenge to clean shower doors, but that doesn’t mean you have to use powerful cleansers made with amm...
Bob Vila Radio: Barrier-Free Showers
If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel, there’s no better time or place to think ahead. Something as simple as t...
Bob Vila Radio: Tub Caulking
Even tiny gaps between your tub and the wall tiles can let enough water in to damage your walls and host mold. Since ...
Free-Standing Tubs: Soaking Up the Luxury
From cast iron to resin, copper, and wood, today's free-standing tubs may be the ultimate home bath luxury.
Free-Standing Tubs: Pros and Cons
To take the edge off the pressures of daily life, many Americans are cultivating ways to relax and de-stress in their...
Delta Innovation: Then and Now
Recognize this faucet? Chances are you had—or still have one—in your home or apartment. Or perhaps you remember it fr...
Bob Vila Radio: Tublifts
You can renew your tub or shower area without the expense, effort, and environmental cost of junking your old tub. LI...
Bob Vila Radio: Bathtubs
If your bathtub has seen better days, make sure you know your options before you break out the sledgehammer. LISTENLi...
Quick Tip: Bathtub Installation
The bathtub has become a dominant consideration when it comes to designing a bathroom. Before shopping for a bathtub,...
Fun with Plumbing: Creating a Personalized Shower Experience
I must admit to a certain hedonistic streak when it comes to bathing, be it a long hot soak in the winter or a wonder...
Top Tips for Choosing a Rain Shower Head
I hate my shower! Well, actually, it’s my shower head that I don’t like. Granted, it's better than the standard fixtu...
Master Bathroom Tub, Tile, and Low-Flow Toilet Installation
In the master bath, Bob reviews the appropriate design choices made by homeowner and contractor Nick Beasley for this period home. A new low-flush toilet is insta...
Finishing Touch: Installing a Vintage Tub in a Child's Bathroom
The unusually shaped room with original beadboard that sits under the roof’s eaves will be adapted from its prior use as a home office to be a child’s bathroom wi...
Finishing Touch: Master Bath Custom Corian Tub Surround
A Corian tub surround is installed in the master bathroom, custom fit through a digital photo template system. Steps are taken to prevent water seepage and bacter...
Installing Wall Paneling in the Entranceway and Visiting the Completed Tiled Shower
Inspired by designs found in the Isaac Bell historic house, paneling is installed on Bob’s entrance door to the living room. Bob looks at the completed tiled show...
Installing Custom Shower Doors, Bath Hardware, and CO Detectors
Bob reviews the bathrooms, discusses the importance of carbon monoxide detectors, and highlights some fun touches in the basement, such as his mini wine cellar an...
Touring the Kohler Showroom and Factory in Kohler, WI
Bob tours the showroom with the founder’s great-granddaughter, and then visits the factory to see how the vitreous china is manufactured.
Installing a Soaking Tub With Jets
Bob joins Dan Gerry to install a jetted soaking tub in the master bath.
Demolition Review and Shower Installation
With much of the demolition having been completed, Bob walks through an open, loft-like space, which was dark and cramped feeling pre-demolition. Carlos Leuchtman...
Interior Framing and Bathtub Installation
Much of the space on the first floor has been opened up to give the house a 21st-century lifestyle feel. The framing of the new addition is ongoing, and the Kohle...
Preparing a Shower Pan for Tumbled Stone Tile Installation
Bob observes the tile setter Tim Galvin build a shower pan.
Bathroom Remodel
Pat and Roger Simons, the owners of the second house in the Elmwood project, review the goals of their bathroom remodel.
Plumbing Installation and Creating a Tile Mural
In the second Elmwood project house, a Colonial Revival, a new Kohler tub is installed, while homeowner Pat Simons, a ceramic artists, creates a tile mural.
Final Tour of the Completed Second Home in the Project
The second home in the Elmwood project, a Colonial Revival, is complete, after the second-floor bathroom gets a new vanity, new doors for the laundry closet, and ...
Home Three: Roof Deck and Hot Tub Installation Project
Bob tours the third Elmwood project house, an eclectic Queen Anne sometimes known as the "Castle of Elmwood". The goal is to reinforce an old sundeck, so that it ...
Hot Tub Installation
Bob drops by the third Elmwood project house to watch as the deck is covered with rubber and the hot tub is installed.
Installing a Railing on the Hot Tub Deck
Carpenter Bob Ryley helps install the new railing on the hot tub deck.
Laying Down the Mahogany Deck and Final Tour of Third House
The mahogany roof deck is complete, with the hot tub sturdily supported. Bob takes a final tour of the residence, the third Elmwood project house.
TPO Rubber Slate Roof Installed on Victorian-Style Roof
A new kind of rubber slate is applied to the roof, and the crew brings the spa down on a special plywood ramp, then carefully places it in the turret for installa...
Discussing the Home Spa and Replacing the Finial on the Turret
The spa is installed in the third-floor exercise room and the finial section is put on the turret roof.
Preparing the Turret Room for the Spa Tub
The turret has been reframed and the floor is prepared to receive the spa tub.
Installing a Granite Tub Surround, In-Floor Heat, and Fiber-Optic Lighting
A granite tub surround is installed, as well as an in-floor heating system and unique fiber optic lighting.
Tour of the Completed Workout Area
Bob takes a final tour of the home workout area, discussing the tub surround and the new exercise equipment.
Installing the Hot Tub
Bob joins contractors Ed Weller and Laez Wilent to observe the installion of a custom-made hot tub.
Restoring the Vintage Bathtub With Synthetic Porcelain
Bob discusses the chemicals and process used to clean and restore the home's vintage bathtub. And a new finish of synthetic porcelain is applied to the pedestal s...
Exterior Tour and Plumbing
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley tour the exterior of the cabin, whose exposed wood surfaces will pose some problems for the builders. The plumber installs a drain li...
Stone Patio, Landscaping, and Outdoor Lighting
Bob joins landscape designer Ruth Foster to discuss her plan for a stone patio and hot tub. Low-voltage outdoor lighting will also be installed.
Shower Stall Installation
Bob joins the plumber as he installs a shower stall in the kids' bathroom. After drilling the drain hole, the plumber demonstrates how to properly attach a metal ...
Installing New Bathroom Fixtures
Since the bathroom has been gutted, plumbers begin to install new fixtures.
Installing a Whirlpool Tub
Bob helps install a whirlpool tub in the master bedroom.
The Basics of Drilling Through Metal More_clips
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