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Warm Up Your Workspace with a Unit Heater
If you spend time on projects in the garage, or if you're lucky enough to enjoy a stand-alone workshop, chances are t...
Bob Vila Radio: Make Plywood More Portable
Though plywood is a versatile and affordable material, ideal or at least serviceable for hundreds of uses, it's not t...
7 Ways to Set Up Your Home Workshop
Where do you keep your workshop? It's best to set it up in a place where noise, dust, and space aren't an issue. But there are other considerations to keep in min...
6 Beginner Ways to Use a Woodworking Router
Any woodworker is well-acquainted with the router's myriad uses. The tool comes in handy for many projects around the house, both functional and decorative. It's ...
Get to Work! 15 DIY Workbenches, Craft Counters, and Potting Tables
<p>Whether you’re a woodworker, gardener, craft-a-holic, or avid DIYer, you need a comfortable work table in order to complete your projects. Sure, there are load...
Quick Tip: Safety Glasses
Contemporary safety glasses are much improved. They offer comfort and clear vision as well as protection from flying ...
Bob Vila Radio: Installing Versatile Pegboard
Perforated hardboard, more commonly known as pegboard, has been a staple of workshops and retail stores for decades. ...
Quick Tip: Bench Dogs
A bench dog is a great tool for any woodworker's shop.  Bench dogs are often used in pairs, with one pair set into a ...
Bob Vila's 7 Essential Woodworking Tools
As any homeowner will attest, there is always something to fix at home. If it involves woodworking, you’ll want to equip your workshop with the right set of tool...
Quick Tip: Workshop Dollies
Here's how to save your aching back next time you have to move something heavy in the workshop. A workshop dolly is r...
How To: Install Pegboard in Your Workshop
Does it look like a bomb went off in your workshop? Even the best tools are useless if they are nowhere to be found w...
How To: Keep Your Tools Accessible
One of the great advantages of a workshop—as distinct from a tool­box carried to a workplace—is the opportunity to pu...
Workshop Safety
Workshop safety consists of more than just wearing proper protective gear. Here are a few other guidelines:Know Thy T...
Bench Furniture
Whether your workbench has a working surface the size of a sheet of plywood or one that more nearly resembles the sch...
Worktable. If there is room for it, make yourself a worktable using a full sheet of three-quarter-inch plywood. It's ...
Workbench Types
Woodworker's Bench.  This is perhaps the most familiar configuration for a workbench. Its top is of hardwood and is u...
The Basic Workbench
The woodworking bench is to the workshop as bases are to the game of baseball: Without a proper bench at which to wor...
Fireproof Your Workshop
It hardly needs to be said, but you should of course do everything you can to reduce the risk of fire in you workshop...
Planning Your Woodworking Shop
Consider some of these issues as you're planning your woodworking shop. Doorways. Standard household doors are often ...
Workshop Lighting
At a minimum, you need a conveniently located switch at the en­trance that powers up the main lighting. Most likely, ...
Workshop Electricity
Power tools swallow up power the way dogs consume their food: in great, huge gulps. Most tools have two kinds of dema...
Drawing a Workshop Floor Plan
Your head is swimming with the challenges presented by the size of your machines, the limitations of the available sp...
The Ideal Workshop Layout
A landscape designer friend of mine tells a story about the college he went to. During his years there, the universit...
Free-Standing Workshop
If you're serious about working, you may want to consider building a special structure, or converting an existing one...
Know Your Workshop Needs
You may think you already know what you need. "Just a practical space, you know, enough for my table saw and to try o...
Closet Workshop
One frequent complaint of homeowner-handypersons is tool inaccessibility: It's a pain to do even simple jobs if findi...
Workshop Locations
Perhaps you already know exactly where you will be locating your workshop. Maybe you already have a workplace in some...
Quick Tip: Home Workshop
There is no one perfect workshop plan: Each of us has different needs, depending upon whether we're cabinetmakers, oc...
How To: Stock Your Workshop
There are so many manufacturers, and so many kinds and types and models of virtually every tool, that the options may...
Lumber Grades and Numbers
The grading system for white pine alone consists of about ten levels. If you are going to work with wood professional...
Tool Storage
The way to avoid the I-can't-find-it syndrome is to have ap­propriate containers for tool storage and transport. Seve...
Garage Workshop Foundation and Slab
As with any structure, a new garage foundation plays a crucial role in the integrity of the building above: A quality...
Creating the Ultimate Garage Workshop
To some, a garage is much more than a place to park the car and store junk. To the car enthusiast, it is a nerve cent...
Inexpensive Ideas and DIY Tips for Storing Sandpaper
When you first start tackling home projects, it's no problem to hit the hardware store for one of those sandpaper mul...
Building Custom Tool Storage Just for the Heck of It
Chris really can't stop himself when it comes to building things. And neither of us can really stop ourselves when it co...
Smart Storage for Small Workshops
Since my wife and I recently downsized, I am making do with a much smaller basement workshop these days. Whereas I co...
DIY Workbenches: 5 You Can Build in a Weekend
The workbench is a DIY project's hub. It's where supplies are kept and progress gets made.  Sure, you can buy a workb...
Bob Vila Radio: Ladders
If your last-minute fall chores have you climbing a ladder, here are some tips to save time and stay safe up there. L...
5 Basement Workshop Essentials
You’re probably thinking I’m about to list my all-star tool picks. Nope. My five must-haves for a basement workshop h...
Bob Vila Radio: DIY Dolly
The next time you need to move something big and heavy in the workshop or around the house, save your back and build ...
How To: Clean Your Toolbox and Workshop
While spring is generally considered the month for cleaning windows, airing out the house, reorganizing the cupboards...
How To: Spring Clean Your Power Tools
Like everything with moving parts—your car, your computer, your body—your power tools will last longer and work bette...
Workshop Planning Checklist
In laying out your workshop, have you considered the following?&#160; Taking these factors into account will help mak...
Add a Decorative Touch to Your Woodworking Shop
There's no reason why your woodworking shop can't be easy on the eyes, outside and in. The one pictured above was cre...
My Workbench Today
Although I used to have a pretty big workshop back in Cambridge, things changed once we sold the place and became sno...
Blog Stars: In the Workshop
DIYDiva Kit Stansley They are the heroes of their own dramatic real-life home makeovers. They save buildings from de...
Pegboard: Still a Classic Storage Solution for Today
As a kid growing up, I remember visiting my grandparents’ house and heading straight for granddad’s garage. It was im...
Bench Dogs
The only thing canine about a bench dog is that, in a sense, it's like a tooth protruding from a jaw. A bench dog is ...
Quick Tip: Workshop Dolly
Buy four casters, pick over your scrap pile, and find a few wood screws. With those supplies in hand, you can save yo...
Quick Tip: Workbench Construction
Making a bench isn’t especially difficult if you have some basic skills and a good basic tool kit. However, there are...
Manage Noise in Your Workshop
Noise is an occupational hazard in any shop where power tools are used. Strategies must be employed to minimize the d...
The Cellar Shop
For most of us, the answer isn't a separate building, a closet, or even the garage. The single most popular alternati...
The End-Wall Shop
This is the classic garage work area. The bench is fixed on the end wall and your car is still comfortably situated i...
Workshop Dresser
An old chest of drawers or desk can be transformed into a combination bench-and-tool cabinet. With the tools stowed a...
Keeping Your Workshop Clean
Safety and convenience are certainly served by keeping the shop clean. You may even find that a broom-cleaned space i...
Touring the Kohler Showroom and Factory in Kohler, WI
Bob tours the showroom with the founder’s great-granddaughter, and then visits the factory to see how the vitreous china is manufactured.
Installing a Decorative Inlaid Vinyl Floor and Reviewing the Workshop Layout
The generously sized workshop has a functional layout and a unique vinyl floor designed by architect Gregory Rochlin.
Touring the Jonathan Adler Soho Boutique
Jonathan Adler invites Bob into his Soho boutique, which features an eclectic collection of furniture and housewares. Many pieces from the store will be used in t...
The Dominy Workshop at Winterthur Garden
Bob takes the first of many visits to the Winterthur Garden and Museum in Delaware's Brandywine Valley.
Furniture Making at the North Bennet Street School
Bob visits with Alex Krutsky at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. Bob and Krutsky discuss the school's admissions process, which requires previous carpent...
Hand-Carving a Mahogany Drawer Front
Furniture maker Tommy MacDonald demonstrates a few of the techniques he employs to create hand-carved furniture details.
Reviewing the Dream Garage Project Plans
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley review the architectural plans. Features such as loft storage are discussed, in addition to the project's post-and-beam construction.
Excavating and Building the Foundation
Bob pays a visit to the site as work on the foundation gets underway. Once the excavation is complete, the forms (for the poured concrete) are assembled and put i...
Installing a Fire Sprinkler System
A Grinnell sprinkler system goes into the garage building. Bob gets a brief history of the sprinkler concept and a few tips on installation.
Front Hall Mirror
Carpenter Bob Ryley demonstrates how the front hall mirror is custom-built in the workshop.
Building and Hanging the Country-Style Door
A country-style door, built by carpenter Bob Ryley in the workshop, is hung in the new entry of the Plymouth project house.
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