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Something Old, Something Blue Chandelier

When she wanted something better than her current light fixture, Kelly took it apart and recreated it as a stunning blue mason jar chandelier.

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Stunning Industrial Modern DIY Speakers

A mason jar can hold nearly anything—including tech gadgets! Designer Sarah Pease converted these jars into iPhone speakers. The results are incredibly stylish.

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Lighting Up the Night with an Outdoor Chandelier

We’ve been dining outside for the last few weeks and I’ve felt like we need a little boost in the lighting. So, voila! An outdoor chandelier.

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Cutting Glass for a Rustic Mason Jar Windchime

It was only a matter of time before I tried out my bottle cutter on a mason jar. Here’s how I pulled off this mason-jar-turned-wind-chimes upcycle, just in tim...

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Eco-friendly in Style with Backyard Solar Lantern

When the words mason jar and solar lamp come together in the same sentence, I don’t care who you are—you get excited. Because this jar is awesome. And you're s...

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