Slide 1: Tiered Backyard


Create levels in a small yard to define spaces, making these areas seem like multiple outdoor rooms. Mix materials like decking (shipping pallets), stonework, and even grass to give each space its own special feel.

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1 Dozen Ways to Make the Most of a Small Yard

Outdoor spaces can increase our enjoyment of our homes. When the weather is nice, it’s like having an extra room—or wing—of the house. Make the most of yours, no matter its size. Even a small backyard can be great for gardening, entertaining, and play. The trick is to use every inch of your property and find ways for spaces to do double duty. Choose furniture that is multifunctional and small in scale. Keep your gardening flexible by growing flowers, veggies, and trees in containers. And remember that no backyard is too small to play in. Portable pieces, such as fold-up tents, let you bring the fun wherever you want it, whenever you want it. Check out these tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your small backyard all year long.

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