Slide 5: Tiled Bathroom


Tiles often take center stage in a modern bath. Owing to the design-conscious surroundings, tiles in modern baths are rarely a standard size or color—rather they might be oversize slabs or tiny squares, hexagons, or rectangles. Tiles generally underscore a bath's monochromatic look, but on occasion they provide a dash of color in the room.

10 Design Essentials for the Perfect Modern Bath

Reminiscent of spa resorts, modern baths exude serenity. This look is achieved in part by paring elements in the room down to their essentials. As well, each piece in the space is carefully chosen for its spare, contemporary design. Straight edges, sleek finishes, soothing colors, and an abundance of natural materials like marble and stone all work together to define this popular bathroom style. How can you get the look in your own home? Here are 10 design details to get you started.


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