Slide 3: Tiny Cabin


This cozy cabin takes advantage of its scenic location with glass doors and a wall of windows, but maintains privacy by keeping the remaining walls window-free. An ample overhang lets you sit on the porch and enjoy the view outdoors even when it’s raining.

On the Waterfront: 10 Tiny Lake Houses

If you’ve set up home on a lake, chances are you're there because you love to be outside. Your days are most likely spent outdoors, so you don't need much as far as a house goes: a place to lay your head, cook dinner, and seek refuge when the weather takes a turn. Amenities are nice, but when you already have so much at your doorstep, they take a backseat. It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many incredible lake houses with small footprints. We wouldn't mind heading off to any one of these tiny lake houses for a long weekend (or full summer) of fishing, boating, and relaxation. 

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