Slide 1: Washi Tape Project


Washi tape, a crafting material similar to masking tape, is an easy way to dress up a switch plate. Because the material is so forgiving, you can peel and restick if you need to realign a pattern. The temporary nature of this makeover is perfect for renters or those who just have commitment issues.

Turn On the Style: 11 DIY Switch Plate Upgrades

Plastic isn’t always fantastic, and most standard light switch plates can be a total snooze. With a little DIY care, these often-overlooked elements of your home can be turned into design opportunities. From simple upgrades using materials like tape and Sharpie markers, to more involved methods such as detail painting, there is a switch plate design idea suitable for every skill level. Safely remove the plate from the wall while you are working on it, and when you are finished, be sure that there are no loose pieces hanging on the back that could get caught in the electrical wires. Whether your personal style is classic, cute, outrageous, or even humorous, let these stunning switch plate makeovers provide you with some inspiration.

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