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Embracing a bright, white aesthetic will keep your tiny bedroom feeling airy and uncluttered. Blackband Design created this beachy bedroom on Newport Island in California by whitewashing the walls and dressing the bed in white linens. A striped rug makes the room appear wider.

10 Small Bedrooms with Huge Amounts of Style

Tiny bedrooms can present big decorating challenges. Apartment dwellers as well as homeowners feel the pinch when faced with balancing the need for storage and the desire for a stylish, uncluttered space. The only nonnegotiable item in a bedroom is the bed, so there are lots of small bedroom decorating ideas that can help you make the most of the space you’ve got.

Even though decorating small spaces can be tricky, there are some general rules of thumb to guide you. Keep color palettes simple, and “stuff” to a minimum. A white bedroom, for instance, will feel more airy and less cluttered. Take advantage of all forms of bedroom storage. Underbed storage, in particular, is a boon to a room with limited closet space. An attic bedroom, though charming, can present a challenge for furniture placement. Think outside the box and tuck a bed into the storage space under the eaves.

We’ve pulled together 10 examples of how you can use mirrors, color palettes, multipurpose furnishings, and other small bedroom ideas that will help you to live large in your small space.

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