Slide 1: White Round Table


Countertop stools are great for quick meals, but if space allows, a table and chairs are a luxury worth considering. A round design with chairs that tuck neatly underneath is a sensible choice for small spaces. As an added benefit, this white table takes up less visual space than a darker color would.

Your Eat-In Kitchen: 10 Space-Smart Design Ideas

The American kitchen has changed quite a bit in just a few generations. Once used primarily for food prep and casual meals, the kitchen has become the hub of household activity. The kitchen is where we arrange appetizers and chat with our guests while we cook. It's also where we plan vacations, help with homework, and of course eat throughout the day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even the occasional coffee and crossword. Small wonder, then, that there are so many kitchen seating options, from traditional tables and chairs to space-saving stools that tuck beneath the counters. Here are 10 stylish dining solutions that make even the smallest kitchen a welcoming place to gather.


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