Slide 1: Yellow Bathroom


The peaceful quality of pale straw combined with white is undeniable. Elegant details in this serene setting include thick ceiling molding, glass knobs on the vanity, and a corner cabinet. The valance, upholstered ottoman, and bath towel carry the straw color around the room.

Beyond White: 11 Alternative Hues to Color Your Bath

The all-white bathroom is a familiar design icon—white walls, marble vanity top, gleaming porcelain, plush white towels. But this minimalist palette leaves many people wanting more. A dash of color in a bath can enliven the space, and depending on the shades you choose, colors can help invigorate you in the morning, relax you in the evening, or simply make you smile at any time of the day. To inspire you, we've gathered images of 11 inviting spaces where a range of hues, from pale and ethereal to dark and dramatic, make their mark.


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