Brighten a Room with an Accordion Sconce

About The Course

For warm and inviting ambiance, there's nothing quite so effective as wall-mounted light fixtures. These fold-out sconces will set the right mood in any room—and add a punch of personality, too! In this course:

- learn how to make cuts on a miter saw

- practice drilling and chiseling at precise measurements

- transform a vase into a lampshade using a ceramic drill bit

- install a light switch and plug on an ordinary lamp cord

Professor Bio

Brent and courtney

Gray House Studio

Brent and Courtney Richardson are the husband and wife team behind Gray House Studio. On their website,, they share their DIY projects, video tutorials and project plans with the hope to inspire and encourage others to build, make and create unique projects for the home. Brent and Courtney's DIY home decor solutions have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine as well

Lesson: 1

Make Cuts with a Miter Saw

Courtney demonstrates how to cut oak boards using a miter saw. In this lesson, access the wall sconce plans to guide you in making accurate measurements.

Lesson: 2

Measure and Drill Holes

In this lesson, Brent shows exactly where to place the holes on each of the boards. You can follow along on pages 3-5 of the wall sconce plans (available in lesson 1).

Lesson: 3

Master the Drill Press and Chisel

Learn how to use a drill press to make holes in your boards, plus a trick to prevent the boards from splintering. In this lesson, Brent demonstrates the correct way to chisel the holes to make room for the bolts that will hold the light fixture together.

Lesson: 4

Turn an IKEA Vase into a Shade

An inexpensive ceramic vase can be transformed into a stylish lamp shade—provided you have the right tools. Learn how to use a ceramic drill bit, and acquire strategies for drilling holes without cracking or shattering with work piece.

Lesson: 5

Paint and Glue Up Your Lamp

In this lesson, Courtney shares the secret to perfectly painted hardware. Meanwhile, it's time to glue up the wood frame of the lamp. Almost there!

Lesson: 6

Assemble and Wire Your Lamp

You can buy a lamp kit to complete your project but it's much more economical (and exciting) to install a switch and plug on an ordinary cord. In this lesson, you'll DIY your own lamp cord, and learn how to assemble and install your new wall sconce.

Materials List

  • - miter saw (or hand saw and miter box)
  • - (2) 1/2" x 2" oak boards at 4-feet long
  • - (1) 1" x 4" oak board at 2-feet long
  • - safety glasses
  • - ear protection
  • - measuring tape
  • - scrap wood
  • - pencil
  • - center punch
  • - hammer
  • - 3/8" drill bit
  • - 1/4" drill bit
  • - 1/4" chisel
  • - 1/2" chisel
  • - drill press
  • - clamps
  • - carriage bolts
  • - white IKEA vase
  • - 1/4" ceramic drill bit
  • - piece of paper
  • - 1-3/4" wooden hole saw
  • - 1-5/8" ceramic diamond-coated hole saw
  • - white spray paint
  • - wing nuts
  • - styrofoam
  • - plastic bag
  • - painters tape
  • - Titebond III glue
  • - 3/4" screws
  • - wire cutter
  • - lamp switch
  • - screwdriver
  • - box cutter
  • - plug
  • - cord