Introduction to Concrete Casting

About The Course

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials to work with, lending itself well to a wide range of DIYs. Master the basics in this course taught by DIY guru Ben Uyeda so you can craft planters, stepping-stones, and other projects that will add a modern touch to any room. You’ll learn:

- how to cast two types of concrete in a variety of shapes

- how to make concrete vases for pennies each

- how to pour custom quote stepping-stones

- how to build concrete planter boxes

Professor Bio

Ben uyeda

Ben Uyeda

Ben Uyeda is the founder of ZeroEnergy Design, Free Green, and His HomeMade Modern projects have been viewed by more than 10 million people and the simple affordable furniture projects have been built on 6 different continents. Not only are people around the world building Ben's designs for their own homes they are using these designs to start small businesses. Currently Ben is working on his first book to be published in 2015 by Running Press.

Lesson: 1

The Basics of Working with Concrete

Ben Uyeda from Homemade Modern explains the differences between some of the most popular concrete mixes, and how to decide which type is right for your DIY project.

Lesson: 2

Make a Concrete Vase in Any Shape

With the right container for casting, you can make a DIY vase that's perfect for a family table setting, a wedding centerpiece, or as a gift. You'll learn how to pour the concrete to ensure your finished project is free of bubbles and bug holes, how to make a two-tone vase, and how to release finished vases from the mold without damaging them.

Lesson: 3

Pour an Inspirational Stepping-Stone

Make your own personalized stepping-stones for a fraction of the cost of those found in garden centers. Ben shows you how to craft simple and classic stepping-stones that are an affordable yet stylish addition for your home or backyard.

Lesson: 4

Build One-of-a-Kind Concrete Planters

This project proves that the cool, gray color of concrete pairs perfectly with fresh green foliage. This tutorial will show you how to turn concrete mix into stylish planters for pennies. Ben shows you every step, from building your own concrete forms right up to the finishing touches.

Materials List

  • - Quikrete 5000
  • - Quikrete Countertop Mix (gray and white)
  • - Water
  • - Mixing bowl or tray
  • - Mixing stick or hoe
  • - Trowel
  • - Test tubes, candles, or ballpoint pens
  • - Bottles, plastic containers, or wooden boards (for forms)
  • - Silicone and glass baking pan
  • - Power drill
  • - Screws
  • - Utility knife
  • - Hot glue gun
  • - Heat gun
  • - Pliers