Transform Scrap Wood Into a Work of Art

About The Course

The best DIY projects result from using materials in unexpected ways, and this creative (and affordable!) twist on wall art is no exception. In this course:

- learn how to salvage pallet wood

- use a miter saw and jig saw with confidence

- create your own stencil

- make a unique art piece to display at home

Professor Bio

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Tanya Highet

Tanya Highet is a DIY blogger who believes that personal style and home decor is only a DIY away! When she isn't working on a Bob Vila project, she also makes natural beauty products, keeps honeybees, and grows organic vegetables on the Isle of Man, an island located in the Irish Sea. Find her on her blog Lovely Greens.

Lesson: 1

Understanding How to Work with Pallet Wood

To make your wall-mounted coin vault, you'll need a few days time, some basic tools, and—of course—wood. Pallet wood is a great, free resource but it's important to keep these helpful hints in mind when sourcing your materials.

Lesson: 2

Cutting Pallet Wood into Planks

Watch and learn as Tanya walks you through the easiest way to salvage wood from your pallet. After that, it's time to measure and cut planks down to size using a miter saw.

Lesson: 3

Painting and Gluing the Frame Piece

Bring yourself one step closer to a beautiful, completed coin vault. First, Tanya will show you how to paint your pieces. Then, she'll explain how to glue them together to create a sturdy frame.

Lesson: 4

Cutting and Attaching the Plywood Backboard

To keep coins in place, you'll need a sturdy plywood backing for your vault. Watch as Tanya explains the best way to measure and cut the base and how to attach it to your frame.

Lesson: 5

Hand-Illustrating the Plexiglass Cover

In this lesson, Tanya shows you how to cut your plexiglass cover and shares her deceptively easy secret for giving your project a custom, personalized look.

Lesson: 6

Finishing and Mounting the Coin Vault

Its's finally time to attach the plexiglass cover to the frame and add the coin slot to the wooden side. After that, your coin vault is complete; all you have to do is mount it to the wall!

Materials List

  • - 6 planks (approx 12" length, 3" width, 10/16" thick
  • - Plywood (at least 15" square)
  • - Clear Acrylic Plexiglass
  • - 12 screws (8 x 1 1/2")
  • - 4 thumb tacks
  • - 2 roll plugs
  • - 2 screws (6 x 1 1/4")
  • - Jigsaw
  • - Miter saw
  • - Palm sander
  • - Power drill (and bits)
  • - Hole boring drill bit
  • - Spray paint
  • - Utility knife
  • - Straight edge
  • - Measuring tape
  • - Wood glue
  • - Permanent marker