Turn Any Light Kit into a Custom Lamp

About The Course

Renters rejoice! This budget-friendly project is a perfect solution for any space suffering from bland light fixtures. In this course you’ll learn how to:

- transform an ordinary lamp kit into a custom wall sconce

- cut, drill, weave and assemble the sconce

- hang the light fixture without damaging the wall

- access the downloadable cut template

Professor Bio

Isabelle larue square headshot   bob vila

Isabelle LaRue

Isabelle LaRue is the creator of the award-winning DIY home design show “Engineer Your Space.” Affectionately referred to as “MacGyver and Martha Stewart’s love child,” Isabelle's clever projects and knack for breaking down everything into manageable, easy-to-understand steps has made her YouTube channel hugely popular with millions of views and her website, engineeryourspace.com, a favorite destination for DIY enthusiasts. It’s no surprise that her smart, stylish, and affordable designs have been featured on Oprah.com, HGTV.com, and goodhousekeeping.com. You can see more from Isabelle on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Lesson: 1

Creating a Game Plan

Meet Isabelle LaRue, Bob Vila Academy professor and the creative mind behind engineeryourspace.com. She'll walk you through the surprisingly simple steps and basic skills you'll need to piece together your own woven wall sconce.

Lesson: 2

Making the Base of Your Wall Sconce

In this lesson, Isabelle demonstrates how to cut the sconce's metal base and secure the lamp kit—all with the help of a handy template you can download and print out at home.

Lesson: 3

Weaving the Shade

Next up, you'll learn how to assemble the birch veneer strips into a shade for your wall sconce using a simple basket weave technique. Plus, Isabelle shares her pro tips on how to create a truly finished look for your fixture.

Lesson: 4

Assembling and Installing the Wall Sconce

In the course's final lesson, Isabelle demonstrates exactly how easy it is to assemble your DIY wall sconce. Then, see two ways to go about installation—neither of which require hiring an electrician!

Materials List

  • -Straight pattern metal snips
  • -Hardcap cold chisel
  • -Hammer
  • -Ruler
  • -Scissors
  • -Work gloves
  • -Safety glasses
  • -Candelabra light kit with LED lightbulb
  • -Precut 26 gauge 12" x 12" metal sheet
  • -Drill and bits
  • -Iron
  • -Scissors
  • -Utility knife
  • -Binder clips
  • -8-inch embroidery hoop
  • -Pre-glued 3/4-inch wide birch veneer edging (one package)
  • -Long prong silver brads
  • -Silver duct tape
  • -Plastic corner guards
  • -Permanent marker
  • -Command strips (optional)
  • -Hollow wall panel (optional)