Blog Stars: In the Workshop

Meet four do-it-yourselfers who are creating their dream surroundings and blogging about the experience.

They are the heroes of their own dramatic real-life home makeovers. They save buildings from demise, rescue materials from the trash, increase the value of their homes, and post their adventures regularly on their blogs. They are a wired breed of make-it/fix-it enthusiasts who mix the business of home improvement with the pleasure of doing it themselves, then chronicling their experience.

Emily Winters

There are thousands of DIYers who write about the process of creating their dream surroundings. For some, it’s a full-time job; for others it’s an after-hours and weekend passion. As readers, we’re impressed by many bloggers’ skill and knowledge, as well as by their practical thrift, modern ingenuity, and refreshing fearlessness. We are entertained by their stories and videos. We “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and save their pretty pictures to Pinterest.

Kit Stansley, John Clarke Mills, Emily Winters (pictured at right), and Pete Fazio are four DIY documentarians out of hundreds who have captured our attention. They use laptops, cellphones, and cameras in conjunction with their cherished power and hand tools, and are as committed to finishing their to-do lists as they are to educating and inspiring the readers of their blogs and tweets. We are smitten with Kit’s authentic humor-laced gruel, intrigued by John’s thoughtful and updated period restoration, and curious about the way Emily and Pete balance DIY passion with romantic love. We hope you feel the same.