Quick Tip: Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Follow our tips to organize your laundry room and save precious space.

By Bob Vila | Updated Jul 9, 2013 11:18 AM

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Laundry Room Storage

Photo: Country Living

While washing day has come a long way since the tub and washboard, it can still feel like tedious work if your laundry area needs help.

Make the Most of a Small Space
Because it’s so often relegated to the basement, garage or shared space in a bathroom or hallway, the laundry room needs small-space solutions to make washing a more pleasant and efficient chore.

Make the best use of the floor space you have like they did a century ago in the great American bungalow: Install a drop-in ironing board or work surface which can be hidden away when not in use. A wall-mounted, accordion-style drying rack can provide 25 feet of hanging space without using any floor space at all and it saves energy. If the floor is concrete, painting it and adding an area rug would help underfoot.  

Organize and Optimize Your Laundry Room
Keep the floor clear by using laundry-sorting bins. Use shelves and labeled baskets to catch laundry that is set aside for mending or donation.

If your laundry is in the mudroom or hallway, work it into the decor by installing a countertop over the machines and hanging a curtain or louvered doors in front. If it’s time for new machines, many new models have storage pedestal drawers to hide the detergent bottles and save your back while you load and unload the laundry.

And remember to always look for the energy star label to save water and energy costs.