6 Quirky Home Trends Only Etsy Could Predict for 2021

We’re all ready to leave 2020 behind us. Etsy gives us something to look forward to with its predicted trends for a fresh start in a new year.

By Alexa Erickson | Published Dec 30, 2020 3:39 PM

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side table with cat hammock

Photo: etsy.com

The pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways. And while there may be a lot of grim details to discuss, there’s quite a bit of interesting information out there, too! On Etsy alone, surges in unlikely searches for face masks and creativity during isolation could have never been predicted if you went back a year or two.

While Etsy’s Year in Review looks back at what the last 11 months revealed about pandemic trends, it also gives us hope of a brand new year with new trends to look forward to. After all, aren’t we all a little sick of hearing “Is 2020 over yet?!”

Etsy Color of the Year: Sky blue

Etsy sky blue color of the year for 2021

Photo: etsy.com

The pandemic stirred up a lot of anxiety and fear, so it only makes sense people sought a hue so heavenly as sky blue. It’s a color that’s calm, cool, and collected. According to the Etsy report, there’s already been a 39 percent increase in searches for the color.

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Home & Living: Reimagining spaces

floating desk for home office

Photo: etsy.com

In 2020, living rooms doubled as offices, home gyms, and virtual game night rooms. As we head into 2021, Etsy shoppers are looking to reimagine spaces for multi-purpose use by incorporating pieces that add style while remaining functional. “On Etsy, there has been a 399 percent increase in searches for wall or foldable desks, a 159 percent increase in searches for murphy beds, and a 134 percent increase in searches for room dividers,” says the report.

Weddings: Anniversary receptions

anniversary sign

Photo: etsy.com

People put off big events all year long, so going into 2021, they’re looking for ways to celebrate. The hope for the new year is that we will eventually be allowed to host our loved ones, even if in small gatherings, for one-year anniversary receptions. Etsy has already seen a 34 percent increase in searches for reception dresses.

Style: At-home wear 2.0

headband and earrings

Photo: etsy.com

Despite hope for hosting gatherings and seeing a bit more normalcy in 2021, Etsy shoppers still know it’ll be a slow road. Work-from-home attire is in dire need of an upgrade to feel fresh in the new year. Etsy consumers are looking for dressy comfort. The report predicts small accessories, such as detachable collars and comfy headbands, will become “above the keyboard” staples to add a touch of glam to work-from-home life.

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Kids: Outer space

space themed kids room

Photo: etsy.com

Kids’ classrooms have become the kitchen table. Their recess has become the playroom or backyard, and their playdates are limited. To expand their horizons while keeping them safe, Etsy shoppers are turning to outer space. “We’ve seen a 163 percent increase in searches for space-themed wallpaper and an 89 percent increase in searches for space-themed kids or baby items,” says the report.

Pets: Investment pieces

dog bed from etsy

Photo: etsy.com

Etsy called the surge in animal companionship the “puppy boom” of 2020. Going into the new year, consumers will look for new ways to treat their pets. From investment pieces like plush, personalized beds and custom collars to matching pet and human items, shoppers aren’t holding back when it comes to showing their love for their furry friends.