A Kitchen Garden

bobvila, kitchen garden, tomato, vegetable garden

Photo: flickr.com

If you have a summer home, you know that referring to it as a “retreat” or “get-away” doesn’t relinquish you of the responsibilities for seasonal care and maintenance. I’ve reported on my own deck and flag pole projects in earlier posts and have additional things to tackle, not the least of which is replacing a screen door that has seen too many dogs trying to claw their way inside the house.

While we don’t really have a lawn, we do maintain a small kitchen garden that needs continual tending. The garden is pretty basic, just four raised beds framed in 2′ x 8’s of non-pressure-treated wood.

My decision to go with non-treated wood was based on the fact that I would rather replace decaying lumber over time than have chemically-treated boards containing the fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits I was trying to grow.

We have many rabbits in residence, so our post-and-rail fence has galvanized chicken wire on the lower section dug into the ground to about six inches. A sprinkler on a timer is all we need to maintain sufficient watering requirements.

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P.S.  For those of you, who inquired about the paint that I used to refinish my flag pole, it was Supermarine Revolution SM-1000—a single-stage marine formula paint that, according to the manufacturer, is designed to withstand intense UV, high heat (400F), corrosive chemicals, acids, alkalis and staining agents. Should do the trick, don’t you think?