A “Young House Love” Affair

By Jane Dagmi | Updated Jan 15, 2014 4:25 PM

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Young House Love

Photo: restoredstyle.com

Sherry Petersik is glowing. Her husband John is nearby. Baby Clara, one of the cutest child co-stars of the blogging world, is still sleeping. Since these passionate DIYers usually tackle their projects while their child is sleeping, chances are Sherry is spattered with paint and John is covered with grout.

Sherry, John and Clara Petersik of Young House Love

Sherry, John, and Clara of Young House Love

These lovestruck and talented power bloggers chronicle daily life at Young House Love and relish the afterglow of a challenging, down-and-dirty home renovation project. While many large-scale undertakings have their definite nerve-wracking spousal-patience-trying moments, in the long haul the young marrieds are blissfully committed in sickness, health, DIY success or disaster.

Sherry and John Petersik started Young House Love in 2007. These two word-savvy quick-thinking advertising executives had recently given up their cramped NYC digs and purchased a fixer-upper in Richmond, Virginia. They had DIY-ed a beautiful and romantic (and budgeted) backyard wedding, and blogging about it all seemed a sensible way to reach family and friends. They had been taking extensive photos of their new life—and both loved writing—so blogging just seemed like a natural way to communicate.

Three years into it, after a thousand posts, major thought and number crunching, Young House Love became a full-time business. Five years into it, the Petersiks, former DIY ingénues who are learning as they go along, have been super busy renovating their second home, nurturing a wildly popular blog with millions of followers, raising a highly inquisitive and sweet toddler, working on their first book and speaking around the country. Content to pour their heart and soul, but not their savings, into whatever they take on, John and Sherry live a creative, inspired and fun married life.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here are 7 Tips for Romantic DIY—culled from the posts of Young House Love and from an interview with Sherry—that may help you keep romance up and stress down when your kitchen is covered in plastic and you’re doing the work of eight people. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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