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Bob Vila Academy

When it comes to home improvement, we could all use a mentor—someone to guide us through the process and offer hints and tricks along the way. Well, the help we all need has finally arrived—Bob Vila Academy. A brand-new digital workshop, Bob Vila Academy includes exclusive, project-based video courses hosted by the next-generation of DIY experts. Gain new skills, raise your confidence level, have fun and—yes—make things. We’ll help!


Bob Vila Academy already offers a range of courses, with new ones every month. Enroll in your favorites today, and let the instructor of each course take you through every step of the project, from start to finish, while teaching you the techniques needed to succeed. Courses include:

• Building a concrete top for your bathroom vanity. Course instructor Pete lays out the basics of working with one of the most versatile and durable materials on the planet.

• Crafting a new wall sconce. Here, course instructor Isabelle explains how to weave your own stylish shade and wire up a light fixture, without having to hire an electrician.

Creating functional wall art. Discover the fun of working with reclaimed wood, as course instructor Tanya demonstrates how to build a home accent you can proudly put on display.

What are you waiting for? Visit Bob Vila Academy to preview each course and enroll!

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