What’s New in Outdoor Sound? Plenty.

Music is one of our greatest pleasures, and thanks to today’s technology we can listen to it wherever and whenever we choose. And that definitely includes the backyard, where innovative options in weather-resistant speakers and wireless technology have made music a natural outdoor feature. Here are some of the latest contenders:

Backyard Speakers

Acclaim 5 Outdoor Speakers from Russound

The Acclaim 5 Series Outback Outdoor Loudspeakers from Russound are manufactured with salt-tested marine grade hardware and aluminum grilles, making them ideal for areas subject to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Engineered to deliver rich, full sound, they come in sizes ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches and can be mounted horizontally, vertically, in corners, on poles or standing upright. Suggested retail, $199 to $349 per pair.

Backyard Speakers - Russound

Rock Speaker from Russound

Russound’s Rock Speakers, also part of the company’s Acclaim 5 Outback Series, deliver exceptional outdoor sound with speakers made to look like natural stone. The lookalike glass-reinforced resin rock speakers are silicone-sealed and come with a 1-meter speaker cable built into the base for weathertight integrity. They are available in three finishes, from $310 to $340 a pair.

Backyard Speakers - Sony

HomeShare Portable Speaker from Sony

In the wireless category, Sony offers the HomeShare Portable Speaker. Featuring a sleek design with 360-degree sound from four built-in speakers and a subwoofer, the wireless audio speaker can stream music from iTunes, iPhones, Sony Tablets, compatible personal computers and Sony Blu-ray-integrated systems. It can also play for five hours or more on its rechargeable battery. Suggested retail, $399.

Backyard Speakers - Sony

Sony's Muteki HiFi Music System with Colored LEDs

Sony’s Muteki Hi-Fi Music System, with a docking station for an iPhone or iPod, not only delivers 420 watts of audio power, but also features multi-colored LED lights that pulse to the music. Suggested retail for the Muteki twin speaker shelf unit is $299.

Backyard Speakers - ION

Water Rocker Wireless Speaker System from ION

For those who want to enjoy music while catching some rays in the pool, ION offers the Water Rocker—a floating, ball-shaped waterproof speaker and transmitter combination. The transmitter keeps iPods, iPhones, and other portable music devices secure on land, wirelessly transmitting sound as far as 150 feet away. The Water Rocker also contains a built-in FM radio and can support up to nine floating speakers with one transmitter. Suggested retail price, $89.99.

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