The Best Baking Sheets for Your Oven

Bake batches of cookies or dinner on the fly without spending the evening scrubbing off burned remnants—these top-performing trays will give you better-tasting results and make cooking easier.

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The Best Baking Sheet OptionsThe Best Baking Sheet Options


A baking sheet can impact the quality of your meal when it comes out of the oven. Food stuck to the bottom, sliding around, or spilling over a warped tray—no cooks should have to put up with these mishaps. The best baking sheet options are warp-resistant and conduct heat evenly. Many contain aluminum reinforced with steel, while steel-coated ceramic models are also available.

There are other factors to keep in mind before purchasing a baking sheet, aside from material. For some cooks, a nonstick coating is essential, while others prefer to add liners or grease the tray as necessary for more control. Consider the appropriate size and shape, depending on your cooking needs. To make your decision easier, we scoured the market to bring you the best baking trays.

Our Top Picks

With your shopping considerations in mind, choose the baking sheet that will best serve you in the kitchen among these quality recommendations.

The Best Baking Sheet Option: NordicWare Natural Aluminum Baker’s Big Sheet


BEST OVERALL: NordicWare Natural Aluminum Baker’s Big Sheet

The Commercial Baker’s Big Sheet from NordicWare offers more surface area to standard-size ovens. Measuring 21 inches by 15 inches, the Big Sheet is 35% larger than a half-sheet pan but still fits in standard ovens. The NordicWare is made of pure aluminum for excellent heat conductivity, reinforced with steel rolled edges for incredible stability and warp resistance. While this is not technically a nonstick baking sheet, its polished surface resists sticking and is compatible with parchment and silicone liners. The NordicWare baking tray must be hand-washed, and nylon or silicone utensils are recommended to avoid scratching the surface. If the Big Sheet proves too large for the oven, NordicWare also manufactures this baking tray in half-sheet, jelly roll, and quarter-sheet sizes.

The Best Baking Sheet Option: Vollrath Wear-Ever Cookie Sheet Pan


BEST RIMLESS: Vollrath Wear-Ever Cookie Sheet Pan

Sliding cookies off a rimmed baking sheet without breaking or bending them is a difficult proposition. Featuring no rim, cookies can slide easily off this Vollrath tray: though it’s not a nonstick design, polished aluminum allows baked goods to slip off the surface. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum for even heat distribution, the Wear-Ever Cookie Sheet Pan has sloped edges on either side for easier removal from the oven. The generous 14- by 17- inch size is ideal for large batches of cookies, pizza, and sheet-baked breads, and the thickness of the sheet means it will not warp. Vollrath recommends hand-washing to preserve longevity.

The Best Baking Sheet Option: USA Pan Bakeware Half Sheet Pan


BEST HEAVY-DUTY: USA Pan Bakeware Half Sheet Pan

This USA Pan baking sheet offers commercial-grade heavy aluminized steel with a corrugated surface for more efficient cooking. USA Pan’s patented nonstick silicone coating means there is no risk of any exposure to controversial chemicals present in some nonstick coatings⁠— combined with the corrugated bottom, the coating creates dynamic air circulation underneath baking goods for optimal baking and easy release. USA Pan’s heavy duty half sheet can be used by professionals and home cooks alike. This long lasting pan will never warp or fall out of shape, with reinforced steel bar edges that provide stability and strength.

The Best Baking Sheet Option: OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Half Baking Sheet


BEST NONSTICK: OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Half Sheet

This half-sheet baking tray from OXO Good Grips is made with a ceramic two-layer coating, PFOA-free and highly durable. The textured pattern along the bottom surface of the tray effectively distributes heat and creates a non-stick surface, perfect for home bakers and professional chefs. Square-rolled reinforced edges provide stability and an easy grip when removing the sheet from the oven. The pan is dishwasher safe, but as with most nonstick items, handwashing is recommended to prolong the life of the coating. Sheet cakes will release easily without a liner and cookies slide right off—the OXO coating truly has outstanding performance.