The Best Beach Blankets for a Day on the Sand

Roomy beach blankets offer a dry, sand-free spot for family and friends to gather by the water.

By Glenda Taylor | Updated Oct 29, 2020 2:08 PM

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Best Beach Blanket


Remember wriggling around on a too-small beach towel that left your feet and half your legs covered in sand? Those days are over. The best beach blankets available today are large enough to hold two, three, or even seven people. And, when you and your crew go in for a dip, stakes and sand pockets will hold down the fort. These lightweight, sun-and-surf throws are just the right size to accommodate a cooler, snacks, and a bevy of BFFs. What’s more, many of the best beach blankets are water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about a wet blanket ruining your day at the beach.

When you shop for the best beach blanket, look for one that’s big enough for you and your beach buddies, soft enough for sun-kissed skin, and durable enough to use for many beach trips to come.

Our Top Picks

The best beach blanket should be super-sized, comfortable to lounge on, easy to clean, and easy to stow. See if one of these recommendations could be your top pick, too.

Best Overall

Best Beach Blanket WELLAX

Grab the kids and pack some snacks. The WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket will hold up to seven adults, so you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and work on that tan. Made from 100 percent nylon parachute fabric, the 9-foot by 10-foot puncture-resistant blanket will be with you on many beach outings to come.

The blanket packs easily into the attached pouch. To ensure the wind won’t whisk your blanket away, it includes stakes and features four sand pockets sewn under the corners of the blanket that can be filled with sand or soil for extra security. Choose from blue, pink, and white color schemes.

Best Bang For The Buck

Best Beach Blanket Famiry

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a large beach blanket. The Famiry Sand Free Beach Blanket measures a huge 9 feet by 10 feet and includes stakes and sand pockets to hold it down. It also comes with a handy carry bag, waterproof cellphone pouch, and attached zippered pouch to stash watches, rings, sunglasses, and such away from curious eyes and out of the sand. The Famiry beach blanket is available in durable, tear-resistant blue polyester.

Upgrade Pick

Best Beach Blanket ECCOSOPHY

You won’t burn your bum on the ECCOSOPHY Heat Resistant Beach Blanket. Even at high noon, this beach blanket shouldn’t get scorching hot. And sand won’t be a concern either, as it brushes easily off the ripstop parachute nylon. At a roomy 9 feet by 10 feet, this beach blanket is large enough to hold up to seven adults comfortably. The attached pocket can hold keys and phones while you’re romping in the surf. Corner sand pockets and spikes will keep it in place when the breeze picks up. The ECCOSOPHY beach blanket comes in orange, green, blue, or purple pattern designs.

Best Smaller Blanket

Best Beach Blanket YOYI

If you’re looking for something smaller than the 9-foot by 10-foot options, consider the YOYI Sand Free. You won’t sacrifice heavy-duty fabric or a sand-free surface when you go for this model. Just brush it off or pick it up, give it a shake, and spread it out again to keep sand away. This sleek, durable beach companion is made of 210 thread-count polyester and comes with stakes and sand pockets. Choose from two sizes and colors: 4 foot 6 inches by 5 foot 8 inches in orange or blue or 5 foot 8 inches by 6 foot 10 inches in blue.

Best For Comfort

Best Beach Blanket cckiise

Add a touch of boho style to your beach activities with the pretty and practical cckiise Round Mandala Beach Blanket. The bold mandala design comes in several different patterns and color schemes. This soft cotton microfiber blanket features tasseled fringe all the way around its 61-inch perimeter. The cckiise Mandala Blanket comes with its own tote bag and doubles as a head-to-toe wrap for cooler nights.

Best For Durability

Best Beach Blanket Wekapo

The triple-stitched seams on the Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket help ensure it stands the test of time. This 9 foot by 10 foot beach blanket, made of ripstop nylon, is both sand- and water-resistant. Water just beads up and runs right off. The included stakes and corner sand pockets help keep it from blowing away. Stow your valuables in the attached accessory pouch while you have fun in the sun. The Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket is available in blue, green, or purple color patterns and comes with its own carry bag.

Best Waterproof Pick

Best Beach Blanket Mumu

Made from parachute nylon and featuring a waterproof PVC bottom liner, you won’t feel water seeping in from underneath. At about 6.5 by 7 feet, the Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket is big enough for family fun. The included stakes will hold it in place, while triple-stitched seams will help it last through many beach outings. Choose from blue, gray-blue, gray-blue-gray, gray-white-blue, and orange-blue color schemes.

Best In Design

Best Beach Blanket UrbanEco

The unique leaf design on the 7-foot by 9-foot UrbanEco Lightweight Beach Blanket will make a statement on the beach. Available in blue or green, this beach blanket is designed to keep your space sand free. You can brush the sand off while it’s anchored down with the included stakes, or pick it up and give it a shake. It’s also waterproof, so little droplets from wet feet and bums will bead up and roll off. The UrbanEco blanket will help keep you clean, dry, and comfortable while you enjoy your waterside fun.