The Best Beverage Dispensers for Home and Entertaining

Keep drinks fresh and cold at your next gathering with these attractive and practical containers.

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The Best Beverage Dispenser Options


At a gathering, all it takes is one clumsy guest to drop a pitcher and spill punch or tea all over the carpet or tablecloth, while the host rushes to scrub out the stains. Similarly, passing a large drink jug around the table can cause spilling as it transfers through hands. A beverage dispenser can make these situations easier and reduce wasted drinks and time.

Beverage dispensers are designed to sit on a flat surface, whether it’s a counter, table, or fridge shelf, and dispense drinks through a spigot. Some contain a spigot that hangs over the edge of the surface, which is especially helpful outdoors to keep drips off the table. Others include stands to raise the spigot higher so a glass can be rested underneath the spigot for filling. Keep in mind which form you would prefer. Beverage dispensers are usually available in glass or acrylic, so consider material as well. Ease of filling, as well as size and capacity, are also important shopping considerations—the best beverage dispenser for your home fits where you want to use it and can be stored somewhere when not in use.

Our Top Picks

This guide narrows down the market to present high quality and stylish beverage dispensers for entertaining guests and using at home.

The Best Beverage Dispenser Option: KooK Tall Square Glass Mason Jar Drink Dispenser


BEST OVERALL: KooK Tall Square Glass Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

KooK’s Mason Jar Drink Dispenser is a versatile, small-footprint dispenser that holds 2.5 quarts of drink in a thick-walled glass container. The slim design makes this dispenser suitable for tables, counters, or a fridge shelf—at 12 inches tall and only 3.5 inches square, the KooK is a stable piece that uses space efficiently. The solid spigot is leak- and drip-free for continuous use without worry. The thick glass lets the color of the drink or fruit accents show through, adding a simple design element that can make a statement.

While the KooK is not the largest dispenser on the market, refilling is easy: the top of the jar closes with a rubber gasket vacuum seal, so it’s airtight when in place but easily removed to refill without disassembling the whole dispenser. For larger parties where more than one beverage is desired, multiple dispensers can be set side by side to create a drink bar, and the flat sides add stability to the display. Easy to handwash and great for everyday or party use, the KooK drink dispenser is an all-round great pick.

The Best Beverage Dispenser Option: Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser


BEST LARGE CAPACITY: Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

The Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser holds a huge 3.5 gallons of drink. But that isn’t the only benefit of this dispenser: the Buddeez has added features that make this choice well suited for large gatherings. The clear bottom snaps on to the dispenser firmly for added stability and pops back off again for easy storage. An umbrella-shaped ice cone suspended from the top edge of the container reaches all the way to the bottom: when filled with ice, it will keep the entire container cold for hours without watering down the drink you’ve carefully mixed. After the ice melts, the cone is easily removable so you can empty and refill it without moving the dispenser. The Buddeez is constructed with heavy-duty acrylic that looks like glass, but is marketed as unbreakable. The dispenser’s no-drip spigot is similarly durable, and the measurement markings inside the pitcher can help you mix your beverage directly inside.

The Best Beverage Dispenser Option: Redfern 2.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser


BEST DESIGN: Redfern 2.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser

Some functions require more than a plastic jar with a spigot on the table—and some hosts simply prefer a drink dispenser with a little more elegance. The Redfern 2.5-Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser combines that elegance with a sturdy, heavy design that will last for years worth of parties. The hexagon-shaped heavy glass container features a cracked-ice design, with a charming shape similar to a candy jar lid at the top. The lid is sealed with a silicone gasket to preserve freshness, and removes easily for quick refills or cleaning. The spigot on the Redfern is made with durable stainless steel and dispenses drinks well. Redfern’s dispenser can sit on the edge of a table or counter, and also includes a decorative black metal stand to raise it above table height for easy filling. Pretty enough for a bridal shower but well-built to withstand regular use, the Redfern is an ideal choice for hosts who want something with a bit more style.

The Best Beverage Dispenser Option: Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser


BEST FOR WINE: Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser

Struggling with bottles that resist opening or wine that has gone stale are common problems, so many wine drinkers turn to the convenience of boxed wine—but who wants a cardboard box sitting on their counter all the time? Boxxle solved this problem with their Box Wine Dispenser. Essentially, the dispenser is a lidded metal box with a spring-loaded pressure plate in the bottom. Open the lid, take the 3-liter bag of wine out of its box, lower the pressure plate, place the bag of wine inside, lining up the spigot on the bag with the slot in the dispenser. Lock the lid shut. The Boxxle will now dispense wine from the spigot as the pressure from the plate raises the bag to the top of the container, ensuring that you get the most wine out of the bag. The Boxxle will keep wine fresh for six weeks after the first glass is tapped and keeps the wine at your fingertips on the counter or bar.

The Best Beverage Dispenser Option: CreativeWare 1.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK : CreativeWare 1.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser

Clear, durable acrylic is molded into an attractive tree-bark pattern in the CreativeWare 1.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser. The eye-catching design belies the low price: this model looks and functions like a much more expensive dispenser. The heavy acrylic base raises the dispenser for easy filling and also holds ice to keep the liquid cooled, and the heavy-duty spigot is up to the task of regular drip-free use. The large 1.5-gallon capacity means that hosts won’t need to constantly refill, and the dispenser comes apart for easy cleaning and storage afterward. The CreativeWare dispenser is inexpensive enough to own several for multiple beverage options at your next gathering, offering an interesting design statement to the drinks table.