The Best Beverage Tubs for Parties

When your party calls for something more classy than a cooler, turn to these stylish beverage tubs that will keep your drinks reliably cold.

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The Best Beverage Tub Options


Coolers are all well and good for keeping drinks cold, but some occasions call for more style. More attractive and just as effective as coolers, beverage tubs come in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials. The best beverage tub for you will hold a suitable number of drinks for your party and match your aesthetic preferences.

Material matters also matters: from clear acrylic to hammered copper and galvanized steel, these tubs are available in a multitude of exteriors. They need to be strong enough to hold the drinks and ice, and preferably not sweat all over your tabletop. For larger gatherings, you’ll need a spacious tub to avoid having to restock repeatedly while you should be enjoying the party.

Our Top Picks

We narrowed down the market to showcase some of the best beverage tubs available—keep your practical and aesthetic considerations in mind as you browse these quality recommendations.

The Best Beverage Tub Option: BREKX Stainless-Steel Metal Bucket


BEST OVERALL: BREKX Stainless-Steel Metal Bucket

This 10-quart hammered steel BREKX beverage tub offers elegance and efficiency. The dual layer of stainless steel eliminates leaks and insulates the ice, keeping it frozen for a much longer duration than single-walled tubs while resisting condensation. The handsome and polished hammered-steel finish complements all decors, and the tub’s durable design will last for years. A roomy 15 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep, the BREKX tub can hold 18 to 20 bottled drinks and keep them cold for up to 10 hours. Two handles, delicate in appearance but strong in practice, make it easy to move the tub from place to place. BREKX notes that the tub can also be used as a planter when not holding drinks.

The Best Beverage Tub Option: Prodyne Big Square Party Beverage Tub


BEST MODERN: Prodyne Big Square Party Beverage Tub

A simple and modern option, the clear Big Square Party Beverage Tub from Prodyne measures 14 by 14 inches. Large enough to hold six to eight bottles of wine or a myriad of smaller bottled drinks plus ice, the Prodyne will sit comfortably on a counter or table for ease of access and is best suited for small- to medium-sized parties. Handles are built into the clear tub for ease of movement, even when filled with ice and drinks. The container is constructed with Styrene, which resembles glass in appearance. Unlike glass, however, the Prodyne beverage tub is shatterproof, so even if it’s knocked off the table, it won’t break and endanger your guests. Offered at a very reasonable cost, this mid-sized tub is ideal for most gatherings.

The Best Beverage Tub Option: Tablecraft Galvanized Oval Beverage Tub


BEST INDUSTRIAL: Tablecraft Galvanized Oval Beverage Tub

The galvanized steel of this Tablecraft beverage tub will become even more attractive with every bump, scratch, and graze it develops through use. The industrial styling is simple and unobtrusive while adding flair to your barbecues. Generously sized at 5.5 gallons with a dimension of 23 by 14 inches, this tub will hold ice and drinks for a crowd so the hosts can focus on enjoying their guests instead of constantly refilling. The tub is sealed to prevent leaks as the ice melts, and riveted handles make it easy to move from place to place. The Tablecraft tub does require a bit of maintenance: a quick wipe down and thorough drying after use is important to reduce the likelihood of rust. Factory chic and highly functional, the Tablecraft will serve indoor and outdoor parties alike.

The Best Beverage Tub Option: Behrens 17 Gallon Round Hot Dipped Steel Tub


BEST FARMHOUSE: Behrens 17 Gallon Round Hot Dipped Steel Tub

The Behrens beverage tub contains a wire-reinforced upper rim to support a ton of drinks: its spacious 17-gallon capacity means this tub can hold beverages for big barbecues. This sturdy hot-dipped steel tub won’t bow or break under the weight of the ice or cans and bottles despite its size. The bottom lip raises the sheet of metal on the bottom off the ground, reducing the chances of rust and adding strength to the walls and bottom. The bottom sheet is corrugated for durability and the seams are sealed against leaks. Strong enough to be a feeder or waterer on the farm, this beverage tub will keep drinks cold into the night and make for an easy cleanup for the hosts in the morning.

The Best Beverage Tub Option: Twine Rustic Ice Bucket And Galvanized Cheers Tub


BEST COTTAGE KITCHEN: Twine Rustic Ice Bucket And Galvanized Cheers Tub

This 6.3-gallon Twine beverage tub is as comfortable holding an armload of flowers as it is bearing a dozen bottled drinks. Finished in a beautiful cream color and emblazoned with CHEERS across the front, the Twine tub measures 23 by 14 inches and is perfect for small to mid-sized gatherings. Underneath the cream finish is sturdy galvanized metal with sealed seams to ensure that it’s leak-free, and sturdy metal handles make the tub portable from table to counter. Pretty enough to leave on the counter when you’re not entertaining, the tub can also hold fruit, flowers, or a collection of cooking oils.

The Best Beverage Tub Option: Igloo Party Bucket Cooler


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Igloo Party Bucket Cooler

Sometimes practicality and function win over decor, and for those times, the sleek and basic 20-gallon Igloo Party Bucket Cooler will get the job done—and offers some features that more fashionable tubs lack. Made of sturdy black polypropylene, it features a double-wall construction lined with foam to keep ice frozen and prevent exterior condensation. Integrated handles allow hosts to confidently lift a bucket full of ice and drinks from patio to table or from your car to boat deck with ease. The Igloo features a triple-snap leakproof drain plug, making it easy to drain melted ice without lifting or spilling. This Igloo beverage tub is also conveniently designed to nest for storage if you require more than one. With all its useful features, spacious capacity, and high functionality, this budget-friendly tub offers great value.