The Best Can Crushers for Emptied Recyclables

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The Best Can Crusher Options


Recycling curbside and at dropoff transfer stations make it easier for us to decrease our carbon footprint. However, recycling bins are often not spacious enough, since there are other materials to accommodate besides cans⁠—and hauling huge bags of cans to the transfer station can be a sticky, bulky mess.

The best can crusher makes storing your recycling more efficient and the task of returning cans less onerous. This simple but effective device significantly reduces the surface area of aluminum cans, so you can fit more into the recycling bin or wait longer between trips to the recycling center.

Can crushers are available in different models, wall-mounted, counter or tabletop, and foot-operated being the most common. You’ll want to consider how much space you have, where you’ll most likely use it, as well as your budget.

Our Top Picks

We’ve rounded up some of the best can crushers on the market to help you decide on the most suitable model.

The Best Can Crusher Options: The Crusher Aluminum Can Compactor


BEST OVERALL: The Crusher Aluminum Can Compactor

The Crusher features a large capacity opening to handle cans up to 16 ounces with ease. The device uses a smooth action to make short work of large cans and narrower cans, which are usually more difficult to crush. This sturdy steel crusher works quickly, and the ergonomic handle allows the crushing of multiple cans at once without arm fatigue. Mounting it to the wall is straightforward with a few basic tools. The Crusher compacts most cans to an inch in height for maximum space efficiency.

The Best Can Crusher Options: Dial M92 Can Crusher


RUNNER UP: Dial M92 Can Crusher

The wall-mounted M92 Can Crusher from Dial is designed for convenience: Its integrated feeder basket acts as storage, so you can toss cans in and wait until later to crush. The basket holds as many as 10, and once it’s full, the M92 will crush quickly and efficiently with minimal handling. The basket is best suited for 12-ounce cans, though it does have the capacity to crush 16-ounce ones as well: these won’t fit in the collection basket, so users will have to manually place them. Made entirely of heavy-duty plastic, the M92 will not rust or corrode and cleans with a quick wipe down.

The Best Can Crusher Options: Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher


EASIEST TO USE: Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher

The Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher operates using a single-lever mechanism to crush cans up to 12 ounces in capacity. The company claims their patented lever crushes cans 75% easier than other levers. Using a rod-like lever to grab and squash your cans, this item has a smooth action and ejects the crushed can inch after compacting. The device includes an anti-pinch feature to keep your fingers safe. The Dial Industries crusher is available with an optional can collection bin, to save you from having to transfer cans to the recycling bin every time you crush. The Dial Industries can compactor mounts to the wall with hardware provided.

The Best Can Crusher Options: MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher Recycler


MOST VERSATILE: MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher Recycler

Using a single lever, the MasterCrush does look more like it belongs on a factory floor than your kitchen. Industrial appearance aside, its powder-coated stainless-steel material, all-steel nuts, bolts, and brass components make this crusher so strong that you’ll find the appearance is appropriate. The MasterCrush is extremely user friendly: it can be mounted vertically or horizontally on any surface with the included hardware, and will only function when mounted. This can crusher has one of the widest ranges of accepted materials of any crusher on the market: 8.5-, 12-, 16-, 24-, or 32-ounce cans along with plastic water bottles will fit and be crushed easily. If you have a wide variety of crushable items or need flexibility in mounting options, the MasterCrush is a worthy option.

The Best Can Crusher Options: Ram-Pro Aluminum Can Crusher & Bottle Opener


BEST ERGONOMIC: Ram-Pro Aluminum Can Crusher & Bottle Opener

A great-looking choice with an extra-long handle, the Ram-Pro Aluminum Can Crusher features an angled arm and padded handle for extra leverage and comfortable grip. The Ram-Pro accepts cans up to 12 ounces, and if you need larger capacity there is another Ram-Pro model that accommodates 16-ounce cans. The all-steel body can mount to a wall or table and never bends or breaks, no matter how many times you use it. A bottle opener is built into the bottom of this two-in-one model. Great for users who need a little extra leverage for the force necessary to crush cans, the Ram-Pro is a solid unit.