The Best Casserole Dishes for Easy Meals

These versatile dishes are useful for more than simply baking casserole: cook pot pies, mac and cheese, shepherd’s pie, bread pudding, and more.

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The Best Casserole Dish Options


Fans of creamy oven-baked scalloped potatoes, shepherd’s pie, pot pies, and busy cooks who want to put a nutritious meal on the table quickly can all benefit from a quality casserole dish. This multitasking cookware can function as a baking dish, roasting pan, and cake pan. Casserole dishes usually come with a lid, so they’re great for storing the remaining contents in the fridge after use.

Casserole dishes are traditionally used for baking mixed ingredients that don’t require a lot of attention while cooking, or preparing meals ahead to refrigerate and pop in the oven. Many casseroles can also be used on the stovetop, and are attractive pieces that can be used as serving dishes. With the included lid, you can keep your meals warm for longer on the table.

Shoppers will find casserole dishes in square, rectangular, round, and oval shapes. These dishes are made of a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, and cast iron. Keep in mind your preferred material, how willing you are to clean and maintain the dish, and how much food you plan on cooking with it.

Our Top Picks

We narrowed down the market to present some of the best casserole dishes available—choose the dish that best suits your cooking needs.

The Best Casserole Dish Option: Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Pan


BEST OVERALL: Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Pan

Lodge’s cast iron casserole dish is a highly durable and attractive option. Glazed with a thick layer of porcelain enamel, it has the heat retention and conduction of cast iron, and the easy-maintenance nonstick properties of porcelain. This 3.6-quart casserole dish can be used on a stovetop to fry, simmer, or slowly braise, and in the oven to bake, roast, or broil. The Lodge pan is wide and shallow for ultimate surface browning, and is available in deep red, blue, or white finishes for a beautiful statement on the table. Ideal for casseroles and much more, the Lodge casserole pan is long lasting with superb performance.

The Best Casserole Dish Option: Simax Clear Glass Casserole Dish


RUNNER-UP: Simax Clear Glass Casserole Dish

The Simax Clear Glass Casserole Dish has a capacity of 3.5 quarts plus a tight-fitting lid that doubles as a shallower casserole dish—so this option really provides a two-for-one benefit. Made entirely of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass. The larger dish is deep and rounded, with both dishes featuring integrated solid glass handles. This Simax casserole dish is safe for the freezer, fridge, oven, and microwave, and is specially formulated to conduct heat evenly and resist temperature shock. The glass lid fits tightly to seal in moisture and flavor in the oven and when being used for storage, but while most lids include a knob or handle of some kind, the Simax lid is flat on top. The flat lid allows the covered dish to be stored efficiently in the refrigerator with other containers stacked on top of it, or flipped over to be used as a shallow dish in its own right. The glass is easy to hand wash, but the Simax is also dishwasher safe for quick cleanup.

The Best Casserole Dish Option: Le Creuset Square Casserole Dish


UPGRADE PICK: Le Creuset Square Casserole Dish

Le Creuset provides excellent heat retention and crack resistance in their Square Casserole dish. The 2.5-quart square covered dish is available in six glossy colors that look and feel luxurious. Fired at 2156 degrees to create an absolutely nonporous, nearly nonstick finish inside and out, the stoneware dish is crack and scratch resistant as well. Stoneware pulls in heat and holds it, so recipes cooked in this dish will stay warm on the table throughout the meal. Le Creuset’s unique sure-grip handles look decorative on the sides and provide a firm grip on the dish even when the cook is wearing oven mitts. The matching stoneware lid is tight-fitting and has a simple loop handle for easy removal. A solid and tasteful dish that can be passed down through generations, the Le Creuset Square Casserole Dish is a beautiful, hard-working investment piece.

The Best Casserole Dish Option: CorningWare French White Ceramic Bakeware, 12-Piece


BEST DISH SET: CorningWare French White Ceramic Bakeware, 12-Piece

CorningWare’s 12-piece French White Bakeware handles baking, heating, and leftover storage all in one reasonably-priced set. The collection includes a 2.5-quart oval casserole dish, 1.5-quart small casserole dish, and 24- and 16-oz round dishes, each with glass and plastic lids, as well as two handy ramekins. The creamy white fluted exterior of the glazed stoneware is elegant without being overly formal—so they work for both dinner parties and macaroni and cheese night. The glaze also renders the CorningWare dishes nonporous, so they will not absorb the flavors or colors of the food. The dishes resist cracking and chipping and are safe in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, but not on the stove top. The durable and attractive CorningWare set can handle most of your casserole and baking dish needs, plus provide excellent leftover storage.

The Best Casserole Dish Option: Rachael Ray Cucina Casserole Set


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Rachael Ray Cucina Casserole Set

Rachael Ray’s Casserole Dish Set has extraordinary value. Priced at a rate that would be impressive for one quality dish, this set offers two, plus a lid that fits both. These heavy stoneware casserole dishes hold 1.5 and 2 quarts respectively and are finished in a beautiful rustic blue color, aged, and glazed for chip-resistance and overall durability. These dishes are freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. The edges of each dish are flared slightly to provide a balance point for removal from the oven in place of traditional handles, and the shared lid has a loop handle for quick and easy removal. For cooks who enjoy a pretty table, it’s great to have two casserole dishes that match. Those with limited storage can save space with these nesting dishes—although it’s recommended that you place a towel or soft cloth in between when nesting, as the bottoms are not glazed. Practical and extremely well priced, this beautiful blue Rachael Ray set is an excellent option.