The Best Cat Beds for Adding Comfort to Your Pet’s Space

The right bed can keep your kitty comfy, provide a sense of security, and give him a space of his own.

By Tiffany Lewis | Updated Apr 1, 2021 1:58 PM

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Best Cat Beds Options


If your cat has made your bed or your favorite chair his favorite place to sleep, it might be time for you to get him his own bed. Finding one your cat will like can take some effort, but included below are tips to help you find the right one.

The best cat bed should help your cat feel safe and secure, let him sleep in his favorite positions, provide adequate support, and maintain proper temperature. Cat beds should also be easy to wash because cats make messes, and they should be made of nontoxic materials so your cat stays safe. Some beds even give your furry pals a place to play as well as nap. Read on to see the top picks for the best cat beds.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Love’s cabin 20in Cat Beds Calming Cushion Bed
  3. BEST UPGRADE: Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed
  4. BEST WINDOW PERCH: Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch
  5. BEST SELF-WARMING: Pet Craft Supply Soho Ultra Soft Self Warming Cat Bed
  6. BEST CAVE-STYLE: Feltcave Wool Cat Cave Bed
  7. BEST HEATED: K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pet Bed
  8. BEST SENIOR: Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler
  9. BEST SCRATCHING LOUNGE: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
  10. BEST VERSATILE: Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube
Best Cat Beds Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cat Bed

When shopping for the best cat bed, there are several factors to consider.


Cat beds are available in multiple types with varying functionality. The best one for a particular cat depends on where the cat likes to sleep and his personality.

  • Cat mats are super versatile because they come in an array of colors and sizes, and they can be placed wherever a cat likes to sleep: a bookshelf, the floor, the top of a cat tree, or inside an outdoor cat shelter.
  • Bolster beds, also known as open beds, look like traditional pet beds. They have raised sides and often come with a removable cushion. Bolster beds usually offer enough orthopedic support for senior cats. They’re a good pick for felines who like to stretch out when they snooze.
  • Heated cat beds please cats who seek out warm places to sleep. Self-warming beds use a layer of heat-reflecting material to reflect a cat’s body heat back into the bed, while electric cat beds plug into the wall and work much like an electric blanket.
  • Cave-style cat beds are good for felines who want to stay hidden in a place of their own. Generally round, they’re covered and have a small opening to give the kitty a sense of security while allowing him to peek at the outside world.
  • Convertible/collapsible cat beds give cats the option to switch between a cat cave and an open bed. These beds don’t take up much room, so they’re a good choice for small living spaces or for travel.
  • Loungers combine a bed with a scratcher. They’re usually long and look more like a bench than a bed. They’re made of cardboard or other scratchable materials and give a cat room to play, exercise, and nap.


Look for natural fibers and nontoxic, manmade materials because they won’t cause allergic reactions or harm a cat who chews on the bed. Wool is a particularly strong choice because it attracts most cats, resists bacteria and cat hair, and repels moisture. Cotton fabric is a good option because it’s easy to wash and breathable. Some cats may be repelled by chemical odors in manmade fabrics and avoid their new bed. If a cat doesn’t mind synthetic materials, a bed made of plush polyester might do just fine.

Look for a washable cat bed or one with a removable cover that can go in the washing machine. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning so the bed doesn’t tear or lose its shape.

Nonskid bottoms keep beds from moving on a slick floor when a cat hits the bed at a run.

Beds with waterproof bottoms keep messes off the floor.


A cat’s favorite sleeping position will help determine what size and style of bed is the best cat bed for him. If kitty likes to stretch out, choose a bed at least as long as his body. Measure the cat from nose to tail base, and look for something that will accommodate that length.

If the cat likes to curl up and sleep in a ball, a round bed with a smaller sleeping surface may be the best pick. For multiple cats who like sleeping together, look for a bed that fits two or even three felines. A cat tree, large bolster bed, or big lounger can accommodate multi-cat households.

Pet Preference

When choosing the best cat bed, observe the cat’s sleeping patterns and pick a bed to fit his preferences. A cat who likes to curl up might enjoy a round bed as opposed to a lounger. A cat who likes to hide underneath blankets and towels could feel safer in a cat cave or padded tunnel. If the cat sprawls out everywhere, a lounger or mat might be ideal. For cats who like to scratch everything, consider a combination bed and scratcher. Owners of kitties who like to steal their doggy sibling’s bed may want to buy a bed that’s similar in style and material.

Older cats with aches and pains will appreciate the cushioning in an orthopedic bed or a heated bed. A hyper kitten might adore a cat tree with tiered platforms for jumping and a sleeping area for when it tires itself out. Matching the bed to the cat will lessen the chances the cat will shun its new sleeping accommodations.


Cat beds come in various styles, colors, shapes, and sizes, and some contemporary cat bed designs are as chic as human furniture. Remember that “standard” doesn’t need to mean the opposite of fun. A beautiful, vibrant cat cave can add a splash of color to a room, and a bolster bed with a neutral color and a beautiful faux fur finish can match the surrounding decor.

The abundance of choices means it’s possible to find something to fit just about any home’s style and budget.

Additional Features

Some cat beds come with hanging cat toys, play tunnels, catnip to lure kitties into a new bed, removable mats, or posts for scratching. Some cat beds can stack on top of each other to make room for multiple cats, and others can attach to cat trees that give time for play and time for rest. There are even beds that attach to windows so indoor cats can get a nap with a view.

Our Top Picks

Based on the shopping considerations above, here are some of the best cat beds on the market in a range of categories.

Best Overall

Best Cat Beds Options: Love's cabin 20in Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

This cat bed from Love’s cabin is a good pick for cats who like to curl up when they sleep. The raised edge offers a sense of security and gives kitty a place to rest his head and neck, and the bed is soft enough to provide support for senior cats who may have achy joints.

Made of faux shag fur with high-loft down alternative filling, this bed allows a kitty to burrow or comfortably nestle into this bed. The bed is machine washable, and an anti-skid, waterproof bottom keeps messes off the floor. This top pick is available in three different sizes: 20-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch, and it comes in a choice of 12 colors.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Cat Beds Options: FEANDREA Dog Bed, Pet Sofa for Dog, Cat

This cat bed by FEANDREA offers lots of comfort at a great price. The double-layer filling is made of memory foam pieces and polypropylene, ensuring a cozy rest and helping the bed keep its shape. The sleeping surface is covered in faux fur, and the exterior is covered in linen-look fabric.

At 22 inches around, this bed gives a cat room to stretch out, and the 5-inch-high sides provide a sense of security plus a place to rest his head. Nonskid dots on the bottom of the bed keep it from slipping on the floor if the cat jumps in. This bed is not machine washable; to clean it, remove the cushion and hand-wash the cover. It also comes in 26-inch- and 30-inch-diameter sizes.

Upgrade Pick

Best Cat Beds Options: Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed

Kitty City’s bed is part toy and part bed, so a cat can play, sleep and repeat. Unzipped, the bed is a semicircular tunnel for playing. Zip the ends together to create a round bed with a plush sleeping cushion in the middle. The tunnel is 39 inches long and 12.5 inches in diameter, providing enough space for cats to play chase or hide. There are even catnip toys to hang in the tunnel entryways.

Fold up the Kitty City Tunnel Bed to take along on trips or kitty play dates; setup takes only minutes. The 16-inch-wide bed is machine washable, soft, and sized for kitties who like to curl up when they sleep.

Best Window Perch

Best Cat Beds Options: Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch Black Fabric Color

Kitty Cot’s window-mounted bed gives a cat a view of the outdoors and a place to curl up in the sun. Patented, super-strong suction cups rated to 15 pounds each hold the bed on the window, enough to support a cat weighing up to 25 pounds. Made of nylon fabric stretched on a PVC frame, the bed can be cleaned with soap and water.

This bed has ⅛-inch steel support cables to suspend it securely, no tools needed. At 26 inches wide, the cot is generously sized for a kitty to stretch out. Be sure to measure your window first to make sure the bed fits. The bed is not cushioned, so many people add a blanket or pad to make it softer.

Best Self-Warming

Best Cat Beds Options: Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Machine

A cat can stay warm while he sleeps with Pet Craft Supply’s self-warming bed. It has a lining of heat-reflecting material similar to what’s found in survival blankets, which warms your cat with his own body heat. The high-density memory foam interior offers extra support and comfort for senior cats who suffer from muscle and joint pain or other aches.

The bed’s 6-inch-high padded walls deliver head and neck support and make the bed deep and cozy. The sleeping surface is covered in plush faux fur, and the exterior comes in a nontoxic linen-looking fabric. The bed is machine washable, but use a cold water setting and tumble dry on low. The bed has a 14-inch by 14-inch sleeping area, perfect for cats who want to curl up and stay warm.

Best Cave-Style

Best Cat Beds Options: Feltcave Wool Cat Cave Bed (Medium)

For those seeking a cat cave that will make a feline feel secure, the Feltcave Wool Cat Cave may be the right choice. The bed has a round shape, and its interior is made of 100 percent Merino wool from New Zealand that’s felted by hand in Nepal. The breathable fabric keeps kitties snug to ensure they stay warm without overheating. Wool naturally repels odors, dirt, and stains, and it’s nontoxic, so it’s safe for cats.

This Feltcave bed has thick walls that are flexible but will hold its shape, and it comes in eight colors, all made with natural dyes. The bed can house one cat up to 15 pounds. It’s not machine washable, but can be hand-washed in lukewarm water and air-dried.

Best Heated

Best Cat Beds Options: K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

For a cat who looks for warm spots to sleep, K&H’s heated pet bed may be a good bet. This popular bed has a 20-watt heater and an internal thermostat that will keep the bed temperature at a desirable 102 degrees when the cat is in the bed, and 10 to 15 degrees above the surrounding air temperature when he’s not. Turn it on, and the kitty will never have to get into a cold bed. It requires plugging into an outlet for it to heat up.

The orthopedic foam mat is covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to protect against water, and it has a removable, super-soft faux fur cover that is machine washable. This bed is a good choice for older cats because the soothing heat can help ease arthritic joints.

Best Senior

Best Cat Beds Options: Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

This deep, cozy bed from Best Friends by Sheri has extra orthopedic support to ease joint pain, making it a great choice for older cats. The bed has a 12-inch-high rear bolster wall to ease joint pain and 9-inch-high front and side walls to deliver head and neck support. The cat is encircled by supportive walls while feeling safe and secure. The bed also adapts to any sleeping style. At 20 inches wide, there’s room for a cat to stretch out and prop his chin on a wall, or he can curl up into a ball.

The sherpa fleece cover is soft and snug, and the bed has a water-resistant bottom. Best of all, this bed is easy to wash—toss the entire thing into a washer and tumble dry on low. The bed comes in 16 colors and can accommodate a cat up to 25 pounds.

Best Scratching Lounge

Best Cat Beds Options: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

This scratcher and lounger by PetFusion does double duty as a scratcher and a bed. As a scratcher, it boasts durable cardboard construction that’s dense and will last longer than many competitors. It’s made of layers of recycled cardboard adhered with nontoxic cornstarch glue and is reversible. When the top gets worn, flip it over to extend its lifespan.

The attractive curved design looks good in a living space. At 34 inches long, there’s room for a couple of cats to lounge and play, making it a good choice for a multi-cat household. Cats will scratch and nap on this gadget instead of the sofa. The scratcher also comes with a little pouch of catnip to sprinkle on the cardboard to make the lounger more enticing.

Best Versatile

Best Cat Beds Options: Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube

Kitty City’s Stackable Cat Cube is great for two cats—or one picky cat who wants his choice of beds. There’s a bed inside the cube where a cat can sleep in private and a comfy pillow on top where he can sleep out in the open, should he choose. The fabric walls of the cube can be set up or folded flat in seconds, so it’s a good choice for travel.

The two cubes are stackable for even more sleeping options, so it’s a good option for a multi-cat household. The removable fleece cushion and mat are machine washable and can be run through a dryer, so cleaning is a breeze.

FAQs About Cat Beds

Still have questions about cat beds? Check out these answers to some common questions.

Q. Are heated cat beds safe? 

Yes. Heated cat beds tend to have low wattage. Most don’t get any warmer than a cat’s body temperature of around 102 degrees, so they’re just warm to the touch. The beds unplug when not in use.

Q. How do I train my cat to sleep in a cat bed?

Place the new bed next to the cat’s usual sleeping areas. Adding catnip to the bed can help, too. Moving the bed to a sunny spot may help, because cats tend to like lounging in the sun. When the cat gets into the bed, reward him with treats. Wondering if kitty is using the bed when he’s home alone? Use a pet camera to keep tabs on him.

Q. How do I clean my cat bed?

Read and follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions for the cat bed. Some beds can be run through the washing machine and dryer. Other beds must be hand-washed and air-dried. A vacuum or lint roller on the bed between washes may be an option for quick cleanups.