The Best Cereal Dispensers for Fresh Breakfasts

Ditch the torn-up cardboard cereal boxes and serve your breakfast simply with these versatile dispensers.

By Sarah Littleton | Updated Jun 24, 2020 9:23 AM

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The Best Cereal Dispenser Options


Cereal is an easy and convenient breakfast or snack, except when it comes to the packaging. Between easily ripped cardboard, non-resealable bags that make flakes go stale, and boxes taking up room in your cupboards, cereal packaging is a hassle. These problems are solved with a good-quality cereal dispenser. These straight-forward devices seal away cereal and other dry foods, keeping them fresh and readily accessible.

Shoppers will find several styles of dispensers, including wall-mounted, countertop, and storage, so consider where you want to keep the cereal and how much space you have. The best cereal dispenser options provide airtight storage and are easy to operate. Depending on personal or household preferences, you may want to go with a dispenser that can store multiple cereal varieties.

Our Top Picks

We scoured the market to showcase some of the best cereal dispensers—with your shopping considerations in mind, choose the most suitable option among our recommendations.

The Best Cereal Dispenser Option: Zevro Indispensable Double Cereal Dispenser


BEST OVERALL: Zevro Indispensable Double Cereal Dispenser

This double cereal dispenser by Zevro features shatter-proof, scratch-proof acrylic walls for excellent durability. Each of the two hoppers holds up to 17.5 ounces of cereal–roughly one full box. Each twist of the user-friendly handle dispenses 1 ounce of cereal so portion control is simple. When the user twists the handle, soft plastic paddles turn inside the hopper to keep the cereal from crushing. Integrated crumb trays prevent cereal from dusting the counter and air-tight lids maintain freshness. This versatile device can also double up as a dry food dispenser for other goodies, such as nuts, seeds, dried pasta, and small beans. It’s also a good option for storing pet food. This Zevro dispenser will keep food fresh, tidy, and neatly off the countertop.

The Best Cereal Dispenser Option: OXO Good Grips Countertop Cereal Dispenser


BEST DESIGN: OXO Good Grips Countertop Cereal Dispenser

With its small footprint and tall canister, the OXO Good Grips Countertop Cereal Dispenser holds a huge 5.5 quarts of cereal without taking up the whole counter. The dispenser features levers on both sides of the container for easy one-handed operation, adding convenience for both right- and left-handed users. The spring-loaded levers operate a chute-style dispensing mechanism so no cereal is crushed on its way to the bowl, and the double seal on the canister lid keeps food fresh. An integrated crumb tray removes for simple clean up, as does the storage canister. Store granola, oatmeal, cereal, or other dry goods in this dispenser, and trust that the OXO Good Grips will keep it fresh for extended periods—they back this up with a lifetime warranty.

The Best Cereal Dispenser Option: Zevro SmartSpace Wall Mount Triple Cereal Dispenser


BEST WALL-MOUNTED: Zevro SmartSpace Wall Mount Triple Cereal Dispenser

The Zevro SmartSpace Wall Mount Triple Cereal Dispenser is a worthy option if you’re low on counter space and enjoy more than two types of cereal: the device raises the cereal off the countertop and onto your wall. Three 13-ounce plastic containers will hold approximately a full box of cereal (or nuts, granola, or other small dry goods) off the counter and ready to eat. Each quick twist of the knob dispenses 1 ounce of product for easy portion control using a crush-free mechanism. The Zevro SmartSpace features airtight lids designed to keep food fresh for approximately 45 days. To keep counters clean, measuring cups snap over the bottom of each container to measure out portions and catch cereal bits before they fall. Suitable if you’re looking to save space or store multiple flavors, the Zevro Wall Mount is a solid choice.

The Best Cereal Dispenser Option: Honey-Can-Do Triple Canister Cereal Dispenser


BEST LARGE CAPACITY: Honey-Can-Do Triple Canister Cereal Dispenser

Commercial-quality steel construction and scratch-resistant plastic are hallmarks of this Honey-Can-Do cereal dispenser. This triple-canister device would be at home in a hotel breakfast bar, but will look equally at home on your countertop or island. The Honey-Can-Do dispenser holds 17.5 ounces of cereal or other dry goods in each of its three canisters. For families with multiple cereal tastes, this dispenser is ideal. No need to have three open boxes gradually go stale while: the Honey-Can-Do will keep cereal fresh for 45 days. The handles dispense 1 ounce of cereal with each turn for straight-forward portion control, and the gentle dispensing mechanism drops uncrushed cereal directly into the bowl. This dispenser is available in black or stainless steel silver, so users can choose the statement they wish to make on their counter.

The Best Cereal Dispenser Option: Zevro Compact Dry Food Dispenser


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Zevro Compact Dry Food Dispenser

If your household is committed to just one variety of cereal, this budget-friendly Zevro dispenser will get the job done. This compact dispenser holds a full-size box of cereal but is only a foot high, so it will tuck into smaller spaces. Its airtight design prevents food from going stale for up to 45 days, while shatter and scratch-proof acrylic isn’t an injury risk if dropped. A quick turn of the knob smoothly dispenses 1 ounce of cereal into the bowl. The Compact Dry Food Dispenser is fitted with a removable crumb tray to keep the counter clean and can be used to store much more than cereal—almost any dry snack or ingredient will dispense easily.