The Best Cocktail Shakers for Your Bar

Shake your frosty cocktails and pour with a flourish using these sleek and professional tools.

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The Best Cocktail Shaker Options


A quality cocktail shaker is great to have if you’re serious about your mixed drinks or want to bring an element of class to the party. These shakers come in various sizes and shapes, some for function and others for effect. The best cocktail shakers are designed to neatly combine and chill ingredients then pour out cold, well mixed drinks.

Cocktail shakers come in three basic designs: Boston, Cobbler, and French or Parisian. Boston shakers contain a tin that fits over a glass, sealing the container so the drink can be shaken, then the contents are poured through a separate strainer into the glass. Cobbler shakers consist of three pieces: a base holds the liquid, a strainer cap fits snugly on the base, and a small cap covers the spout. Shake, remove the small cap, and pour. French or Parisian shakers are far less common—they’re essentially a Cobbler-style shaker without the strainer, so drink mixers will need to pour through a separate strainer to serve.

Our Top Picks

We’ve combed the market to identify these shakers for your bar set—keep your mixing preference in mind as you browse through our recommendations.

The Best Cocktail Shaker Option: Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Accessories


BEST OVERALL: Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Bar Set with Accessories

The Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Bar Set contains heavy-grade 18/8 mirror-polished stainless steel, beauty and durability in one. Featuring a 24-ounce base, this Cobbler-style shaker can mix large drinks or batches of smaller cocktails. The heavy-duty shaker seals tightly so no ingredients seep out, and the built-in strainer allows for smooth pouring, without an external strainer or chunks of ice splashing in the glass. The Cresimo set includes the three-piece shaker, a long spoon/muddler combo, a combination .5-ounce/1-ounce jigger for measuring spirits, and a recipe book. Dishwasher-safe and engineered not to rust, the Cresimo is suitable for occasional home cocktail aficionados and mixologists alike.

The Best Cocktail Shaker Option: Barillio Elite Cocktail Shaker Set


RUNNER UP: Barillio Elite Cocktail Shaker Set

Available in mirror-finish silver, rose copper, gold, and black, the Barillio Elite Cocktail Shaker Set is a suitable choice for bartenders new and experienced who want to create a particular ambiance on their bartop. This Cobbler-style shaker is made of heavy-gauge 18/8 stainless steel in an ergonomic shape for easy sealing, shaking, and serving. Drip-free and rustproof, the Barillio Elite makes great cocktails and mocktails. The set includes the tools to get started: a heavy muddler, long mixing spoon, .5-ounce/1-ounce combination jigger, two pouring spouts for your liquor bottles, and a cloth bag to store everything. The sturdy and beautifully shining Barillio Elite will have your drinks on the table quickly.

The Best Cocktail Shaker Option: Top Shelf Bar Supply Premium Cocktail Shaker Set


BEST PROFESSIONAL: Top Shelf Bar Supply Premium Cocktail Shaker Set

This Boston-style Premium Cocktail Shaker Set from Top Shelf Bar Supply is durable enough for a high-volume bar, while also ideal for the experienced home bartender. The Top Shelf shaker features one 28-ounce tumbler with a weighted bottom and a 18-ounce unweighted one, designed to fit tightly together when properly joined and remain leak-free. Top Shelf also sells this set with both ends weighted for a professional setup, but the single weight is easier to open for home mixers. The two 18/8 stainless steel tumblers nest for easy storage, appearing sleek and glamorous on the bartop. Note that as with all Boston shakers, the shaker doesn’t feature an integrated strainer, so you’ll need to purchase a strainer of the appropriate size separately.

The Best Cocktail Shaker Option: OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker


BEST SMALL SIZE: OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker

Shoppers familiar with the OXO brand know that their trademark is a secure and ergonomic grip. This feature can make their products a bit clunky, but the Steel Cocktail Shaker defies that expectation. Made of double-walled stainless steel for durability and insulation, this 18-ounce shaker includes an integrated strainer in the top and a cap with clearly marked liquid ounce measurements. The OXO good grip is visible only in the matte black of the cap, making it easier to twist on snugly and twist off easily. At 18 ounces, this is a smaller shaker—great for bringing premixed drinks to a picnic or for times when you just want to make one or two drinks instead of mixing for a crowd. A brushed-steel exterior finish renders this shaker compatible with other OXO barware accessories so buyers can build their own set.

The Best Cocktail Shaker Option: HIC Cocktail Shaker



HIC’s 3-piece Cocktail Shaker features highly-polished stainless steel: it includes the base, the top with integrated strainer, and a cap, which also serves as a jigger. The HIC promises to resist rust and leaks, and the stainless steel construction means flavors won’t transfer from one drink to another. This 18-ounce mixer is great for mixing an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Arnold Palmer, Martini, and craft cocktails. Priced competitively, the HIC is ideal for the occasional home bartender or a new mixologist just starting out. This set also makes for a thoughtful gift for an at-home mixologist or party host, without breaking the bank.

The Best Cocktail Shaker Option: Mixology & Craft Boston Shaker Set


HONORABLE MENTION: Mixology & Craft Boston Shaker Set

This modern Boston-style shaker set from Mixology & Craft includes everything you’ll need to get started mixing drinks with a classic system. Two stainless-steel tumblers, one weighted, fit easily together for a leak-free shake. The set includes a Japanese jigger and a strainer, so once you’re finished mixing, strain into the glass and serve. The set pieces nest into the included cylindrical case for easy transport. The Mixology & Craft set also includes a ring-bound set of drink mix cards to start you off with some ideas.