The Best Cookbook Stands for Busy Cooks

Enjoy hands-free access to your favorite recipes with these helpful kitchen tools.

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The Best Cookbook Stand Options


When you’re at the kitchen counter with all your ingredients and cooking tools assembled, a recipe can take up valuable work space. Between cookbooks, electronic devices, and sheets of paper, more often than not, the recipe gets in the way or becomes marked up and stained. A simple and effective solution is the cookbook stand.

As its name suggests, stands allow cooks to keep the recipe elevated to a comfortable viewing height—protecting the recipe from splatters and spills, while preserving counter space. The best cookbook stand for your kitchen depends on how you view your recipes, whether you’re looking for any additional features, and your budget.

Stands are designed to accommodate various sizes of cookbooks and electronic devices. Some are conveniently adjustable and can store nearly off the counter. You can go with a basic, function-forward stand, or choose one that will also add a design element to the kitchen. We took all these factors into consideration and narrowed down the market to these top recommendations.

Our Top Picks

Whether you’re looking for a stand to accommodate cookbooks or a tablet, a conversation piece, or a utilitarian foldaway wedge, one of these choices should suit your needs in the kitchen.

The Best Cookbook Stand Option: Wishacc Bamboo Cookbook Stand


BEST OVERALL: Wishacc Bamboo Cookbook Stand

This cookbook stand from Wishacc is crafted from high-quality bamboo, a sustainable resource renowned for its beauty and durability. Fitted with a pair of spring-supported pegs, the stand can accommodate a variety of recipe books: thick and thin, large and small, paper and electronic. The Wishaac tilts back to five different settings, easily adjustable to the angle for the cook to see best. This stand folds flat when not in use and can easily be wiped clean. Simple to maintain, elegant, and extremely functional, this cookbook stand is a great asset to the kitchen.

The Best Cookbook Stand Option: Stump Stand



Many cooks favor electronic devices to store and organize recipes, or enjoy using video tutorials to expand their culinary horizons—but the stands integrated into many tablet covers are soft-sided, and not particularly sturdy. Enter the Stump, a durable silicone block that grips both the cooking surface and device. The Stump has a surface diameter of just under 4 inches, so it’s a real space saver. The Stump’s design accommodates all smart phones, e-readers, and tablets (including cases), with indents to support ramp, lean, and upright viewings. As a bonus, this capability makes the Stump useful for reading, watching, and viewing on electronic devices outside the kitchen. It’s simple to clean and store, with no parts to fiddle with or break. When cooks are finished with the recipe, the block can be rinsed off and dropped in a drawer until it’s needed again.

The Best Cookbook Stand Option: Jogreful Vintage Cast Iron Cookbook Stand


TRADITIONAL PICK: Jogreful Vintage Cast Iron Cookbook Stand

Cast iron is a popular choice for cookbook stands. The attractive Jogreful Vintage Cast Iron Cookbook Stand is a perfect example of why: its heavyweight design holds firm without tipping over, keeping cookbooks or tablets and smartphones at a comfortable viewing angle. A small ledge at the front of the stand ensures that books are kept open on the correct page without obscuring the text. The attractive curved lattice ironwork gives this stand a truly exceptional look that fans of vintage kitchenware will love. The stand is painted using dry powder, ensuring bright, long-lasting color with a smooth and chip-resistant finish. This paint type allows it to be quickly wiped clean. Though this Jogreful stand is not foldable, it looks attractive in the kitchen as a permanent display for your favorite recipe book.

The Best Cookbook Stand Option: Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder


MODERN PICK: Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder

Hewn from solid cherry wood, this deluxe, heavy-duty cookbook holder offers aesthetic to traditional kitchens. Thanks to its large size and hard-working holding pegs, the stand can accommodate even the biggest and heaviest of cookbooks. The cherrywood construction makes it particularly sturdy and durable. Users can find their ideal reading angle by adjusting the base to one of five positions, and a clear acrylic shield protects the cookbook from splatters and spills. Unlike some stands, the Clear Solutions stand allows the shield to be flipped forward for quick page turning without disassembly—which also makes this stand ideal for delicate tablet screens. This stand folds flat for storage, easily cleaned with a wet cloth and a bit of soap.

The Best Cookbook Stand Option: Boston Warehouse Cookbook Stand


FARMHOUSE PICK: Boston Warehouse Cookbook Stand

Boston Warehouse presents this artsy stand, compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and a range of cookbook sizes. The composite wood silhouette also functions as a cutting board and is decorated with quirky white lettering: spelling out measurement equivalents, recipe parts, or cooking phrases. The lightweight stand keeps cookbooks and electronic devices in place at a preset easy-to-read angle. The easel-style back maintains this reading angle and folds flat for easy storage, although the decorative piece can be left on display on the counter or table. While being a unique conversation piece, the Boston Warehouse Cookbook Stand is also an extra hand in the kitchen.

The Best Cookbook Stand Option: Wishacc Reading Rest Holder & Cookbook Cook Stand


ECLECTIC PICK: Wishacc Reading Rest Holder & Cookbook Cook Stand

This Wishaac Bamboo Book Stand is crafted from sustainable bamboo, and sports spring-loaded pegs to support cookbooks or tablets at one of five comfortable viewing angles. This Wishacc would be a solid choice at any price, but the real difference in value is the beautiful geometric cutout carvings on the back of the stand, making it appear like a luxury piece. This cookbook stand is also foldable and easy to clean. Artistic enough to stay out on the counter all the time, the Wishacc is offered at an exceptionally low cost for something so convenient and functional.