The Best Dishwashing Gloves for the Kitchen

Keep your hands dry and protected while washing dishes with one of our top-favorite picks among the best dishwashing glove pairs available.

By Sarah Littleton | Updated Jun 19, 2020 10:53 AM

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The Best Dishwashing Gloves Options


Even if you have a state-of-the-art dishwasher, there will be occasions when hand-washing the dishes is a necessity. After all, not everything is dishwasher-safe! (We’re looking at you, wooden cutting boards.) Not to mention, harsh cleansers, abrasive pads, and prolonged immersion in hot water can do a number on your skin and make this simple job painful to return to day after day.

To protect your hands while doing dishes or cleaning and scrubbing elsewhere in your home, suit up with dishwashing gloves. These come in many varieties of rubber, vinyl, and latex gloves, but top options like the following recommendations should fit well, slip on and off easily, and wear comfortably.

Our Top Picks

Large hands? Small? Latex-sensitive? There’s a glove for you.

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: True Blues Household Gloves


BEST OVERALL: True Blues Household Gloves

True Blues Household Gloves are comfortable to wear, and they are also very easy to pull on and remove, even when wet. The exterior is waterproof vinyl, while the interior is cotton-lined. Perhaps best of all, these gloves are machine washable.

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Playtex Living Rubber Cleaning Gloves


BEST FIT: Playtex Living Rubber Cleaning Gloves

These Playtex gloves come in sizes to fit the hands of every dishwasher—even those with small hands. In addition, the pair features extra long arms that fold up and form a cuff to catch drips and prevent water from running up your sleeve. The palms and fingertips are textured, too, giving you a better hold on soapy, slippery dishes.

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Tusko Products Dishwashing Gloves


BEST LATEX ALTERNATIVE: Tusko Products Dishwashing Gloves

These gloves by Tusko are designed to last. The latex- and vinyl-free rubber is 15 millimeters thick, making them extra durable, yet the material allows for dexterity. The material is also chemical- and cut-resistant, helping defend the user’s skin against both irritants and accidents, such as dishes or glasses accidentally breaking while being washed. The flocked lining is not only comfortable to wear, but it is also odor resistant.

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Magic Silicone Scrubber Washing Gloves


MOST INNOVATIVE: MITALOO Magic Dishwashing Sponge Gloves

They may look like a bath toy, but these gloves are highly effective at their job. With a brush built into the palms of the gloves themselves, they make a dull chore into an efficient, almost fun task. All you have to do is pull on these gloves and apply soap; they can wash dishes with a much higher scrubbing power than any dishwashing brush or sponge could manage. Getting rid of grease and stubborn oil is therefore much quicker, while antimicrobial properties help keep the gloves free of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Treenewbid Kitchen Rubber Cleaning Gloves


BEST VALUE: Treenewbid Kitchen Rubber Cleaning Gloves

If your hands are temperature-sensitive, consider these Kitchen Cleaning Gloves from Treenewbid. Their extra-thick liner means they are comfortable to wear, but also that they protect your hands from extremely hot or cold water while you wash. These gloves, made of PU waterproof latex, come in an affordable two-pack of attractive floral patterns.